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My name is Mitch Smith, founder & Chief Innovation Officer for this amazing project.  First and most importantly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to help your business using leading-edge targeting, client engagement, and funnel implementations.  

Prior to diving into FogPusher on a full-time basis, I had invested the majority of my adult life involved in real estate, mortgage origination, and project management.  With an unexpected automobile accident in 2013, after which my doctor recommended that I take a year off of work.  During this time I started FogPusher.  

The combination of my experience in the real estate and mortgage industry, combined with my digital marketing success – created a force to be reckoned with in terms of digital business development, particularly for mortgage, financial service, and real estate businesses. 



Our Story

My name is Mitch Smith, founder & Chief Innovation Officer for this amazing project.  FogPusher was officially created as a result of a pay it forward experiment in which I used my digital marketing and SEO abilities to turn is vape shop completely around.  Prior to this situation, I had invested the majority of my adult life involved in real estate, mortgage origination, and project management.

The results I produced for my friend were nothing short of life-changing.  In the process of contributing to the tremendous success of the business, l discovered a way to make a real difference in the world doing something that I love to do!  Lives, including mine, were changed and I made the leap.  I started FogPusher back in 2015 and things have evolved very rapidly, particularly in 2017.  Shortly before partnering with Blake Toves / Alpha Style Media, I had an epiphany about my potential working with professionals in the real estate and mortgage industries. 

Fortunately, I love to learn new things and I’m no stranger to hard work.  We have continued to expand and grow our operation, and now have dedicated team members in charge of managing funnels and campaigns for our clients.  

 Today I am grateful to be in a situation where I am able to do what I love, full time, delivering substantial, tangible results to professionals in the real estate and mortgage businesses. 

Although we have achieved great success working with businesses in a variety of industries, our specialty is obviously in working with the mortgage, financial, and real estate industries.  All inquiries are welcome, however, we cannot guarantee everybody will meet our requirements.  

In 2017, 2 years after launching, I partnered with Blake Toves, one of the most impressive social media marketing gurus I have had the opportunity to cross paths with. The combination of my real-world experience and Google certifications, combined with Blake’s uncanny ability to generate leads via social media, has proven to be a tremendous asset to our clients, producing millions of dollars in sales and opening up countless referral opportunities for our clients, since our systems are designed to produce exclusive leads.  

Before you get too excited, you must understand that our objective is to produce results for our clients.  And due to the very powerful methodology we use, there is a screening process in place which ensures your business meets the requirement of clients we are willing to work with.  


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FogPusher’s digital business development solutions have transformed businesses in a variety of industries ranging from hair salons to pest control companies to vapor store chains to mortgage lenders and more.  Find out more about what we can do for you.  The process takes about 60 seconds and will help us determine if and how we might be able to help you achieve your business goals.  


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