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Get discovered wherever customers seek you.  Look good everywhere they find you.

What We Do

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Digital Business Development

Grow your business using the latest digital marketing solutions that work for you.

Social Media & PPC Ads

Reach the right audience at the right time with the right message – always. 

Searcn Engine Optimization

Develop a strong online presence that search engines and your prospects love. 


We bring a lot of experience to the table.  Let us help you flourish. 

Inbound Marketing

Create a strategy which pulls in new clients automatically.  

Local SEO

Get discovered by businesses in your local market. 

Guaranteed Results

We will only get involved in your project if we know we are best suited to help you.  We are only interested in doing work that produces results.  

Many of our customers allow us to be positioned under a scalable arrangement in which our compensation is based upon results.   We are more than happy to accomodate, under the right circumstances. 

  • Strategic Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business Consultation
  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Social Media Advertising & PPC Advertising

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade.  If you want to be successful, you need to work with somebody who knows what it takes and is comfortable doing it. 

The old days of taking shortcuts to get ranked on Google are long over.  It takes real work, and you must follow the rules, otherwise you are going to be penalized, and may do more harm than good.  

I bring a new level of value to the world of digital marketing, because of the broad range of experience I developed prior to starting this business. 

From being a project manager for a high-end custom home builder to managing sales and marketing for an eCig distribution company, a production home builder, a building material manufacturer, and more.  I’ve also been licensed as a real estate agent, mortgage loan originator, life insurance agent, and I passed all of the exams on my first attempts.  

Today I work with eCommerce stores, a variety of local businesses, mortgage brokers, and more.  This isn’t my first rodeo. 

Let's Work Together!

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Services for Small to Medium-Size Businesses

Get discovered wherever customers seek you.


Look good everywhere they find you.

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FogPusher Digital Marketing Services

Display & Print Advertising

In some cases we may find the most effective use of our energy is to take advantage of local publications or events. We have your custom art covered. From trifold brochures to business cards to posters.


FogPusher SEO (Search Engine Optimization) maximizes the brand visibility of your local business or online business and puts you in front of the customers looking for you right now.

Graphic Design 

For new logo design, check out 99designs as they provide the best value for the investment. As a slightly less expensive alternative, we can design logos for you. See examples in our portfolio. 


Mobile Web Design

Your web presence will be mobile friendly, professionally optimized, and easy to navigate on any device.  Your local business is going to look great, regardless of the mobile device being used.

Banner Exchange Advertising

We are willing and able to customize a banner exchange program for your business, and even look for (and contact) relevant businesses which might be willing to exchange ads on their website.

Custom Content

 Creating and utilizing custom, relevant, and useful content for your website is one of the most important considerations. Many web design companies leave this responsibility to you.  We always make an option.


Lots of competition in your area?  Not a problem, we can create search engine marketing campaigns designed to target customers in your local market, living and working near you.

Directory Listings  & Consumer Reviews

In addition to covering the basics (YP, Yelp,, etc…) we will evaluate your local market and marketing strategies used by your competitors.  Then we will create a custom-tailored plan for you.

Social Media 

Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc… will all be congruent with your new and improved branding.  Keeping your social media pages updated is important. Let us do it for you.

In order to understand the concept of an effective online presence, it is reasonable to compare a healthy digital marketing ecosystem to that of a healthy tree (easy to use for example’s sake).  The overall health of the tree is interdependent on the performance and reliability of its various parts. Many of these parts are under the surface, or behind the scenes. 

FogPusher - Anatomy of a Tree - Digital Marketing Solutions

FogPusher – Anatomy of a Tree – Digital Marketing Solutions

FogPusher - Anatomy of Digital Marketing - Tree Comparison

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(Currently Serving the US and Canada)

Your new, effective internet presence is going to  give your new prospects the right first impression to become your next customers.  For existing business owners, we even guarantee your investment will be offset by business generated from our efforts alone. 

Is FogPusher the Right Fit for Your Business?  Is Your Business the Right Fit for FogPusher?

The internet should be your hardest working, most effective 24/7 /365 sales person for your business. Is it?

I’m going to show you how to work smarter. You deserve it.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“When Mitch started working with us we had just opened our doors and had some work flow and lazy employee problem. Mitch worked very hard to ensure everything was working efficiently and he pushed the sales. He did a much better job at this than he did learning the Mandarin Chinese! Today we have much of the market share.”

fogpusher testimonial

 – Ivan Huang, VP Distributions