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Responsive Web Design

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The Effect of a Non-Responsive Website (Experiment) 

Having a responsive web design in place for your business is definitely more important than you might think. 

So, let’s paint the full picture for you. Try this experiment at home. 

Your homework assignment is to visit this non-responsive website using your mobile device (any will do).

The objective is to try to identify information about any one of their location branches.

How does it make you feel?  Is the homework assignment even possible? What if you were a potential customer considering a large purchase?

Obviously, if you completed the homework assignment (or gave it a try) it’s easy to relate to the frustration your clients are likely to face if they are unable to find the information they want using whatever device they might be using.  

It’s also the single easiest way to get completely overlooked by potential clients researching your business for the first time. 

Whether ineffective or non-existent,  Google will also dislike your website (if you even have one) because people are likely to be fleeing from it as quickly as they are able to, making their search results less reliable for the end user. The reality is however, there is a good chance you are not being

The unfortunate reality of the situation is, however, there is a good chance your potential clients are not even getting that far if these are the realities of your business today.  More likely than not, they probably can’t find you to begin with or never tried looking in the first place.  

This is partially due to the fact that Google’s ranking systems have evolved quickly in the last couple of years.  

While the exact algorithms are proprietary, the one thing that seems to be clear is that useful, original, relevant content will be ideally the highest ranked content on the web.

These ranking changes have, in fact, been responsible for the demise of many companies which have, as a result,  fallen out of organic search results completely

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly?  Check with Google.

Screen images of The Juice Box's Newly Upgraded Responsive Web Design Screen images of The Juice Box’s Newly Upgraded Responsive Web Design

Why does Google care if my website is responsive?

Literally (and technically) they probably don’t.  What they are more likely to care about, however, is the number of people who rely on their search engine to answer all of life’s questions.  

So, if your site is among the first pages to show up to a Google searcher looking for something related to the information you are sharing, yet your design is not friendly on the device they are using (or the information is worthless) then the next time that searcher has a question they are going to be much more likely to consider Bing as a possible alternative.  

Searches = money.  Your website has now cost Google money and it’s future doesn’t look so bright.  

After all, you can’t exactly blame them, can you?  If you participated in the homework assignment / experiment above then all of this will make a lot more sense (and cents). 


Responsive Website Design & Mobile-Friendly Marketing


Our process is easy.  You’re going to enjoy working with us and wish you had discovered us a long time ago.  We are passionate about what we do and about solving problems.  Responsive web design is one of the tools we use to do so.  Who knows? We might turn out to be the best business decision you will have ever made.  I have clients who feel that way.


When comparing our responsive web design services to hiring a full-time employee to manage it, we are going to be a fraction of the cost.  Compared to other web design and marketing agencies, we are still going to be considerably more cost-effective, as our overhead is very low / negligent.


We enjoy our work and it’s what we do day in and day out. Our clients also seem to love it and their projects speak for themselves.  Our mission in life is to create effective solutions that connect our clients with their customers.  Failure to complete this mission would mean we fail at life.  That is not a possibility for us, however (we win at life).

Ready to learn about how this can benefit your business specifically?   Contact us, view some of our completed work, or request your free digital marketing report below.   All of our internet marketing solutions are created with a ‘mobile-first’ approach,  ensuring the best possible experience throughout the entire project  (for you, your customers, and for Google).  

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