Small Business Social Media

  • Stand Out & Attract New Customers

    Small business social media is more than a collection of clever posts.  

    It’s about creating a brand personality that creates comfort and, as a result, connects with real people.

  • Drive Traffic & Motivate Your Audience

    What good are your social media outreach efforts if they are not motivating your followers to visit you, call you, or take some sort of action? There are ways of doing this without coming across as desperate for business – but you must .

    Sometimes, it starts with a good story.  How has your business made an impact on somebody’s life recently?  If it hasn’t, how can it? Consider how your content makes people feel.

    People enjoy following people doing real things that genuinely help people – don’t forget this. Modern Web Design & Marketing Solutions is our name…

Small business social media that connects our clients with customers is our game.

Attract New Customers

Attract New Customers

Are your social media efforts getting lost in social media fog?  Are you creating content that generates followers and encourages follower engagement?  If not, you are more-than-likely missing out on the 192 million active social media users in the United States (59% of the US population.)  Even if your business only targets local customers, the numbers are too significant to ignore. 


Image courtesy of We Are Digital (2016 USA Social Media Usage Statistics)


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Are you ready to take your small business social media to the next level?  Give us a call today.  Let’s chat about your business and your social media goals.  Maybe you don’t have social media goals in place?  We can help you with that also – for free.  We believe in taking on clients who are a good fit with our experience and areas of expertise. No pressure sales tactics involved.  (As a small business ourselves, we don’t like to be hassled. We don’t expect you to, either.)