Ecommerce Web Design


Ecommerce Web Design

Retail and Wholesale eCommerce & Small Business Web Design Solutions

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Whether taking your manufacturing or distribution company to the next level or launching your new business, my Ecommerce Web Design Solutions are cost effective.  Let me help you take your business to the next level. 

I have a track record consisting of successful ecommerce web design projects for retail as well as wholesale companies.  If you are launching a startup, I might be just the solution you are looking for to take your business online.   Let’s discuss your project and find out if I might be the solution to your Ecommerce needs.  My Ecommmerce solutions are responsive, effective, affordable and designed for success. 

Ecommerce Web Design Solutions for Small to Medium Size Businesses and Start-Ups

The World is Your Marketplace. 

Ecommerce Web Design Solutions Designed for You


We create non-profit ecommerce websites to facilitate donations for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations.  Whether you need to accept donations online or collect money for a benefit or cause, I create a website to give your nonprofit organization the exposure it needs to achieve your nonprofit goals.

We provide nonprofit ecommerce web design to organizations including: churches, foundations, retirement funds, libraries, donation funds, special causes, volunteer projects, community projects, and more.

Business to Consumer

Put your products or services in front of the customers who are looking for you right now.  Our business to consumer retail web design process makes your Ecommerce project easy, effective and affordable.  Request a free digital marketing report for a free online retail business analysis with an estimate to perform specified services.  Or call me today.   

We provide business to consumer ecommerce web design services for businesses including: Vape Shops, Yoga Studios, Law Offices, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Logistics Companies, Service Providers, Local or Online Retailers, Car Lots, Building Material Manufacturing and Distribution, Funeral Homes and more. 

Business to Business

Are you a wholesaler or manufacturer?  Do you provide products or services to both wholesale and retail customers?  Our Ecommerce web design solutions will help your business facilitate online business transactions to as many customer groups as you would like. 

We create Business to Business ecommerce web design solutions for companies including: vapor hardware distributors, e-liquid manufacturers, industrial manufacturing, consumer product manufacturing, ecommerce retailers, sustainable home building materials, vehicle auctions and wholesalers and many more.

The modern surplus of online and local competition, in addition to the latest wave of emerging online giants, creates a ‘fog’ of possible decisions for your potential customers.

Let us help you facilitate eCommerce business your online business. And shine through. 


PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. In other words, ANY merchant that has a Merchant ID (MID) must adhere to the PCI Compliance standards.  Merchants who fail to comply may be held liable in instances where customer payment information has been compromised.  The penalties can be very harsh and risking PCI non-compliance is not a risk worth taking.  Failure to comply with these standards can lead to incurring business devastating penalties.  *


More Than Just a Website

Whether you are launching a website or taking your business to the next level, you can rest assured knowing that I will put the same amount of effort into your ecommerce website that I would for my very own.  If you are in need of guidance in starting your new ecommerce business or needing help transitioning your retail business into an ecommerce business, I can help.  


Responsive Shopping Experience

Look great everywhere your customers are looking for you and regardless of the device they are using.  Our responsive eCommerce solutions will enable your customers to place orders, check their order history, save shopping carts on any kind of smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  


Whether you are looking for an ecommerce web designer in OKC or elsewhere in the US or Canada, we are here to accommodate your ecommerce web design needs.  We are available to meet over the phone, on Google Hangout, Skype and throughout much of the project we can communicate through email.  Whichever method of communication you prefer works for us. 

* Modern Web Design & Marketing Solutions will ensure PCI DSS requirements are met upon completion of your web design & development  eCommerce project.   Keep in mind, there are many requirements which must be met outside of your web design which must be met in order to maintain compliance.  Be sure to read over the requirements carefully to ensure your office is maintaining a secure office place, free from worries of PCI non-compliance penalties.