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Turn-Key Mortgage Lead Generation Solution

If you want to get better leads, you have to reach prospects at the right time.  Today people use search engines like Google and Bing to find information.  If you want better leads, you have to be visible when they make their searches.  We offer an end-to-end mortgage lead generation solution which targets search engine traffic.

Lead Generation

Generate better leads by reaching prospects at exactly the right time.

Referral Strategy

Generate consistent referral business by having a consistent lead source to give.

Conversion Optimization

Get more leads by sending the right message in the right way.


Engage prospects automatically and ask better questions.

PPC Ad Management

If you want high-quality mortgage leads that will close, you must be using PPC.

Web Personalisation

Deliver the right message to the right visitor with dynamic personalization.

Grow Your Mortgage Business The Right Way

Move prospects through the sales funnel interactively and automatically.

Your sales process is only as good as the questions you are able to ask.  With chatbots, dynamic forms, and questions customized to meet your specific offering and situation, you can ask your qualifying questions automatically, enabling you to offer more value from the very start.

Turn-Key Mortgage Lead Gen Solutions

Can you generate leads other than conventional/residential?
Yes, with PPC advertising we can reach literally any prospect that is searching for information using Google and Bing (basically everybody).

We can generate commercial mortgage leads, refinance leads, reverse mortgage leads, and more.

The pricing for these setups may vary based on your specific needs.

What kind of quality can I expect of these leads?
The highest quality that can be generated, period.

Since we are targeting people who have shown specific buying intentions, we are reaching prospects at exactly the right time, meaning they will be ready to talk and many will be in a position to close soon.

Formerly, we were focusing on generating leads using Facebook ads. This can be successful but since the prospects have not shown any buying intent, they are naturally going to be earlier in the buying cycle. This is not ideal if you want leads who will be closing in the next 30-60 days.

Leads generated using Facebook ads are better utilized by distributing throughout a strategic referral network that you have in place.

If you just want to close loans, PPC advertising is the most effective approach.

What is unique about this setup compared to other lead generation tools?
This is the only end-to-end PPC solution for mortgage lead generation that I am aware of.

Before this, if you wanted to run PPC ads (which is the primary lead generation method for all of the biggest lenders) you had to hire a web designer to create the custom landing pages and a PPC manager to run your ads. You had to then continue hiring the web designer as the campaigns needed to be optimized, paying for revisions along the way.

Either that, or you had to hire an employee who knows how to do all of it. The problem with that is not only the investment required but also in the fact that there are not many of us who have been a licensed mortgage loan originator, who also design websites, and are also certified by Google to run AdWords campaigns.

I just so happen to be in that position.

Since PPC ads require landing pages, a chatbot (not required but absolutely recommended due to the increased conversions), keyword research, competitor research, dynamic pages, and campagin management, most marketing companies shy away. It’s not as easy as running Facebook ads, but it’s also MUCH more effective for generating quality leads.

Can I split the lead generation and sales funnel monthly investment expense with a Realtor, insurance provider, etc...?
You could, but since these prospects are looking specifically for mortgage information, you would be better off creating an arrangement directly with those referral partners.

You will likely run into people who need a Realtor, for instance, but since these leads are closer to buying, they are better suited specifically for your business. I still recommend sharing business with strategic partners when possible.

For PPC advertising, how much money should I be prepared to spend?
There is no limit to how much you can spend on Adwords but we start as small as possible, then scale only as we are getting results.

That said, for conventional/residential leads, you should be prepared with at least a $2,000 ad budget the first month. $5,000 would be better.

I am as conservative as possible from the very start, but in order to understand the data, we have to buy it. Campaigns become more effective over time as landing pages and ad copy is optimized based on the interaction/conversion data we receive.

Is there a long-term contract that I have to sign?
Not at all.  Our agreement is a month to month setup.
How do I sign up?
First, I need to learn a bit more about you so I can make sure this is ideal for your situation.

Start by scheduling a free search engine marketing consultation.

Some of Our Clients

FogPusher did amazing work on my PPC-based lead generation.  Over the course of two months, we generated over 200 leads, and nearly half of them were in a position to close quickly.  We had 13 apps signed just during that time. As a direct lender, our product is designed to suit a very specific client and we were able to find several.
Alan B.

NYC, Private Mortgage Lender

FogPusher did amazing work on my PPC-based lead generation.  Over the course of two months, we generated over 200 leads, and nearly half of them were in a position to close quickly.  We had 13 apps signed just during that time. As a direct lender, our product is designed to suit a very specific client and we were able to find several.
Adam B.

Houston, Mortgage Loan Officer

I highly recommend Mitch Smith! Mitch displays a professional and mature image to his clients, and always put their interests and needs first…  He went into the field to obtain hands-on knowledge about every aspect of the business and to obtain detailed information about our product. His pleasant attitude is infectious, and he is a joy to work with.
Cyndie M.

OKC, Building Material Manufacturer

When it comes to appropriately marketing your company and your vision, I would highly recommend Mitch. He exceeds expectations given to him for projects as if he was building these websites for his own business. Multiple start-ups and established businesses I have referred Mitch has circled back to me, thanking me for the introduction to such a great developer. I recommend all clients to give Mitch the opportunity and you will be more than satisfied that you did.
David Harrison

Boston, Financial Industry

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