How to generate High-Quality Mortgage Leads in 2018 and Beyond [Free Live Webinar]

Whether you are frustrated with your failed mortgage lead-generation attempts or just looking to take your business to the next level – this 90-minute webinar presentation is for you.








Just for attending and participating, you are going to get the exact campaign setups I have used to generate thousands of Realtor leads for less than $5/each.  This, in itself is worth over $5,000.  All you have to do is register, log in before the Webinar begins, participate to verify you are paying attention, and stay for the entire presentation.  

I’m going to give you the ads, the targeting, configurations, resources to get the pages setup for cheap (if you need that), and everything you need to set it up properly.  I am not going to teach you how to do anything that Facebook support can help you with.  I am just giving you a resource that you can use to start building referral relationships immediately – you can figure out how to make it work for you.

That said…,

This is for mortgage loan originators, brokers, lenders, banks, etc… ONLY.

You must have an NMLS# to addend.  I’m not doing this specific webinar for Realtors, other digital marketing agencies, or anybody other than mortgage professionals.

Whether you are a mortgage broker, lender, bank, or LO…

If you are tired of frustration with crappy mortgage prospects (or lack of) or if you are simply ready to take your business to the next level – this presentation is for you.

You’re going to leave this webinar with:


✅ Free & Low-Cost Activities You Can Start Working On Immediately to Generate Traffic

✅ Necessary components of campaigns that attract, engage and convert high-quality borrowers

✅ Highly under-utilized free traffic sources and how to make use of them. specifically

✅ A complete breakdown of high-quality mortgage lead generation in 2018

✅ An understanding of how to engage visitors with conversational marketing

✅ An EASY inbound marketing strategy you can start using immediately

✅ The ability to attract prospects in the exact same way you found me

✅ How to use landing pages, dynamic content, chatbots, and more…


This will be the greatest 90-minute investment of your mortgage career. Guaranteed, or your money back.


I’m kidding – it’s free… but seriously, it will be.  See you soon!

Google Certified

Real-World Certified


My name is Mitch Smith.  From about 2007 – 2013 my focus in life was primarily real estate, mortgage loan origination, high-end custom home building, and business development.   In 2013 I was involved in a pretty significant car accident and I had to make a change, per the doctor’s orders.

In 2015 I started FogPusher, originally as a web design & SEO company.  In 2017 I shifted the focus primarily to mortgage and real estate lead generation.  This was only after establishing some comfort with what I was doing.

The accident caught me off guard most definitely, but the contrasting combination of experience that transition has offered me provided a unique opportunity to understand not only the building, selling, and financing of real estate, but also the journey of the real estate buyer, inside and out.

Over the past year, I’ve generated many thousands of mortgage leads for clients.  Most of the leads that can directly be accounted for, were produced with traffic generated through Facebook and Google Adwords advertising.  Other leads are more difficult to account for because they are not direct strategies (I’ll explain in the webinar).

I knew from the beginning that search engine traffic was going to be the ultimate answer, but the problem came down to logistics and financial resources of the average LO.  The campaigns were complicated.  There were many moving pieces.  They required a greater investment.  And I was involved in business partnerships that had me convinced that there was hope in social media ads.

For a while, it seemed that Facebook ads showed some promise.  On paper, they look great, actually.  But, over and over, our clients continued to express frustrations with how scattered (crap) the overall quality was.  We advised that clients use the leads to refer to Realtors, but still, the quality was painfully low, even for them. Realtors do have an extended window of opportunity when compared to the mortgage situation.  That’s because people have to have the mortgage & they want to have the house.  A borrower might spend 2 years looking for a home before hiring a Realtor (if they do at all).  They are spending as little time as possible looking for a mortgage. Can you blame them?

In contrast, the leads I’ve generated with Google/Bing ads, done the right way, for clients with the right budgets, consistently produce far more consistent results, complete with consistent leads that are ready to move.

In taking a step back from the entire situation, to re-evaluate, it hit me.  Of course, of course… It’s all about reaching high-quality borrowers at the right time, and if they have not shown any intent then your timing is always off.  You can generate leads and bug them to death, but you can’t catch high-quality borrowers because they are playing an entirely different game.  They have been SPAMMED enough to know better.

The thing is, clarity does not equate to simplicity and the source of traffic is only one small piece of the equation.  I have the answer, but the explanation requires a 90-minute webinar to communicate effectively.  So, here we are.








FREE (LIVE) 90 MINUTE MORTGAGE LEAD GEN. WEBINAR 5/25/18: Today is the final day to register for free!