Business slows down from time to time. It happens. Whether your business has slowed down or you are simply looking for ways to increase foot traffic to your business, there are things you can do about it which are easy on the pocket book.

Not only will these things give your old customers a reason to start coming back but they will also give your new customers a reason to start coming in today.

When planned and executed properly, the following steps will generate enormous amounts of ongoing foot traffic and in turn create a loyal client base.

Whether you’re looking to get more patients for your cannabis dispensary or you own a bowling alley, this article contains specific things you can do, which are cost effective and easy on the pocketbook.

Increasing foot traffic is all about having exposure.

When you have proper exposure, customers find you.

When you have a good product or service at the right price, are accommodating to the customers needs and people like you – repeat customers are born.

People also like things that are fresh and new.

Game Plan to Increase Foot Traffic

If you could use a major business overhaul, one idea is to set up a Grand Re-Opening. It doesn’t matter if you have new things to offer. What matters is that it is going to be something new and different.

Here are the 7 steps  (or possibly just ideas) you can take to make your Grand Re-Opening a huge success. (Even if you do not follow through with the entire re-opening or do not feel its necessary, you will surely find aspects of this which can still generate traffic for your business in a short period of time.)

Find local artists to display their artwork for sale in your store for a small percentage of the sales.  Find the artists, collect the artwork, but don’t display it until the day of the grand re-opening.

Artists will tell their friends about it and it and it will give you a fresh new image while showing the community that you support local artists.

For resources, you may check websites such as,, Etsy or if you just so happen to be here in Oklahoma City you can take a stroll around the Paseo Arts District and quickly find plenty of artists who would love the opportunity to get the exposure.

Those of you from elsewhere will surely be able to find a similar area with a quick Google Search.


Find a local band or DJ (if you have room for it) to come play music for a couple hours. You will be able to find somebody to do it for the exposure.  There are several great resources for this including ReverbNation.

Do a little re-arranging and de-cluttering. Put the items you have been sitting on for a while and need to get rid of next to the brand new (or cool to look at things).

Get rid of your overstock.

If you sell vapor hardware, there is a good chance you have outdated items. Mark it down, do whatever it takes to get rid of it.  If it’s outdated it’s not doing any good on your shelf.

Start collecting names and email addresses for the event.  Tell people when they come in that you don’t know what day it’s going to be yet but ask them if they wouldn’t mind an invite. If you have an tablet, there are free programs you can use to do this.

If not, use normal pen and paper.  You will ideally want to make this a practice in general, as keeping a list of the people who are interested in your business is the best way to reach out to potential customers.  I recommend doing client appreciation events from time to time.

Find a new restaurant that might be willing to provide some appetizers in exchange for the marketing exposure.  It helps if they are close-by so they can tell their customers about it too.

Displaying artwork from local artists is a great way to generate traffic from word of mouth.

Displaying artwork from local artists is a great way to generate traffic from word of mouth.

Email the names you collected once you have a set date.  Post about it on your social media. Make graphic images for it (I can help if needed). Post it on your website (if you have one). List the event on free local event websites such as: Eventbrite, Picatic, and use Google to find others. Remember, its all about exposure.  If you are excited about it, everybody else is going to follow suit.

Put out signs and balloons on major intersections the day of your Grand Re-Opening, with arrows pointing towards your shop.

This is one of the systems I learned in the custom home construction business which has translated well in helping my customers grow their vapor, smoke, cigar and tobacco businesses.

How Else Can You Help Me Generate More Foot Traffic?

I specialize in web design and marketing for all local businesses from custom home builders to nightclubs however, I originally started in freelance work with vape shop, smoke shop and cigar / tobacco shop owners.

This project came about as a result of helping a client in Florida grow his business by over 300%. He has urged me for the past year to make my web design and marketing services more readily available to the public and now they are, on a full time basis.

I am offering a free digital marketing report to create a plan of action to help you increase your traffic using the same method which worked so well for him.

The same method helped me grow a vapor hardware distribution company from having literally zero (0) sales to being one of the largest in the US, over a 16 month time frame.

Please feel free to contact me or request a free digital marketing report to learn more about how I can help your business generate more foot traffic.

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