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FogPusher operates on a point pricing structure to ensure you are getting the greatest value for your investment. 

Rather than charging on an hourly system and planning out every step of the way, our point system retainer simplifies the arrangement and is designed to be flexible – enabling us to deliver what you need, when you need it, in a comprehensive way.


The services listed here are not entirely comprehensive and may not apply to all situations.  To schedule a free consultation, please click the button at the bottom of this page and answer the questions that follow.  


Facebook Messenger Marketing / Lead Gen / Social Media Management

For many industries, email is falling to the wayside as the most effective way to reach prospects.  Engage them in a conversation, build a list quickly, and qualify your prospects automatically.

Included in base package:

✅ Ad campaigns
✅ Social Media Consulting
✅ ManyChat Chatbot design(s)
✅ Comprehensive strategy creation, design, and implementation
✅ 14 days of management/oversight/optimization

Starting at $1,500 (minimum)
$1,000 minimum ad budget
Ongoing Management Starting at $1,000/month (minimum)

All assets belong to you.

Website Design

The old approach of simply having a website in place is simply no longer an effective one.  Today, you must make your website work for you.  Your website should be a took that works for you, on your behalf, around the clock.

Included in base package:

✅ 8 pages
✅ Up to 1,000 words of custom content
✅ Research and setup
✅ eCommerce/web store NOT included ($10,000 minimum)
✅ Google tag manager setup and configuration
✅ SEO configuration and site indexing

Starting at $3,000 (minimum)
$100/month ongoing maintenance (optional)

Local SEO

We are masters of local SEO and our clients have seen as much as 300% growth as a result of our local SEO services.

Included in base package:

✅ Google My Business Optimization
✅ Bing Places Optimization
✅ Everything necessary to optimize GMB and Bing is included, except for reviews.

Reviews are absolutely necessary but we do not provide them.  Having the capacity to obtain real client reviews is a requirement to work with ifunnel.

Starting at $1,000/location minimum
(Will vary by market. Larger cities & more competition = more work)
Discounts available for large chains/franchise organizations.
$200/month bonus/maintenance for #1 local Google rank.
$100/month bonus/maintenance for #2-#3 local Google rank.

Google PPC Advertising/Lead Gen

In order for your PPC ads to be effective, you must have relevancy throughout your keywords, ads, landing pages, etc..  Many companies fall short when running PPC campaigns and this failure can generally be attributed to lack of understanding in doing things the right way.

Included in base package:

✅ 10 Landing pages
✅ 10 Ad Groups
✅ Keyword research and account configuration
✅ Callout extensions and campaign optimization
✅ Conversion tracking implementation
✅ Google tag manager implementation
✅ 30 days of management/oversight/optimization

Starting at $2,500 (minimum)
$5,000 minimum ad budget
Ongoing Management Starting at $1,000/month (minimum)

All assets belong to you.

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