Best Mortgage & Real Estate Leads in 2021 and Beyond

Best Mortgage & Real Estate Leads in 2021 and Beyond

Best Mortgage & Real Estate Leads in 2021 and Beyond

Updated 10/13/21

Generating mortgage and real estate leads in 2021 is not the same game as it was when I first began my full time endeavor into the business back in 2015, when I originally launched FogPusher.

The name of the game, today, comes down to positioning, reputation, automated nurturing sequences, and segmentation.

I’ll dive deeper into these concepts shortly but first, answer these questions:

  • How many more deals would you have closed over the past year if 2 years ago you set up and optimized a segmentation and followup system that enabled you to automatically keep in touch with prospects who were not ready to immediately purchase?
  • What difference would that make in your life?
  • How much time are you wasting by not having a steady supply of exclusive leads to work with?
  • How much more time would you have to spend with your family, go on vacation, or just relax – if you no longer had to worry about generating leads?
  • How much is it costing you by NOT having this type of a system in place?

Deep down, you know that if you had a consistent supply of exclusive, quality mortgage/real estate leads your income would multiply and your time would be used so much more effectively.

Rather than spinning your wheels researching the top mortgage lead generation agencies and sales funnel strategies, you would be able to dedicate your work time to do what makes you money.  Closing deals.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With a Game-Changing, AI-Driven Lead Generation Solution

You’ve heard legends of a system that produces consistent, exclusive, quality, affordable mortgage/real estate leads.

But after all of the money you have spent on crappy lead generation systems, you reluctantly search for something that works, hoping it’s not an elusive lead generation unicorn that only exists in Narnia.

You’ve tried Trulia, Zillow, buying lead lists, and maybe even live transfer leads.  Nothing but frustration and an occassional good lead – but lots of money and time spent getting there.

The problem isn’t you or your business.  The problem is that there has been a shift in the way buyers make significant financial decisions.  The information age has also overwhelmed potential clients with too many options for their brains to manage.

In order to prevent prospective leads from getting distracted, there has to be a very specific message and call-to-action in place, followed by an automated nurturing sequence customized specifically to each of your prospect’s specific intention (no generic crap).

The followup communication and nurturing needs to have a threat level to match the position in the buying process that buyer is in.  If they are just looking around, nurture them with a sequence that gives them pointers to make their buying process easier, how to avoid most common mistakes, etc…

If they are further along in their buying process, the communication will obviously need to be different in order to be effective and relevant to their unique situation.

A New Perspective on Generating Real Estate Leads With Omnichannel Advertising and Marketing Automation

Rather than spending all of your time looking for a system that works, see the results for yourself below and consider yourself lucky to have discovered this.  Once you understand how it works, we are here to help you take action to correct the course of your business.

Our highly specialized digital marketing experts manage the marketing campaigns for you.

They, with the assistance of the AI technology, also manage campaigns for other mortgage and real estate professionals across the country, offering additional security knowing that everything is being tested and retested, in every way imaginable – giving you the most leads for your money.

And the AI we use will outperform the analysis of a human, all-day, every day (human oversight doesn’t hurt, though).

You are also provided with a platform in which automated follow-ups can be used to implement an automated, yet personalized followup sequence for every lead that comes in.  The system uses text messaging, email, and can even incorporate video into your customized followup.

From first time homebuyer leads to refinance leads, our real estate sales funnel solution is designed to provide you with all of the opportunities you need to close as many deals as you can handle.  This is, in fact, the most effective mortgage and real estate lead generation/follow-up system on the market.

Below are screenshots of a variety of mortgage and real estate lead generation campaigns/sales funnels we have/are running for our clients.

Please keep in mind that the results in the images below are specific to these particular clients and in no way are an indication or promise of performance your campaigns will generate.  We’re talking about different markets, situations, reputations, budgets, etc…   

But, as you will see, this is still one of the most affordable mortgage and real estate lead generation systems out there. 

It’s also the most effective and produces the most quality, exclusive leads, for the money. 

Learn more about exclusive mortgage leads and sales funnels or real estate lead generation and sales funnels.

Real Results for Real Clients

Also, keep in mind that there are a variety of strategies that we are using successfully.  The examples are more to show that we are doing this successfully more than for any other reason.  

Roanoke Mortgage Lending Lead Gen Results


Denver Mortgage Lead Gen Results Gary Mortgage Lead Gen SEMWaco Real Estate Leads SEM


Greenville Real Estate Search Engine Marketing Leads KS Real Estate Leads Print Morris TX Real Estate Leads Print



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Best Mortgage & Real Estate Leads in 2021 and Beyond

Updated 10/13/21 Generating mortgage and real estate leads in 2021 is not the same game as it was when I first began my full time endeavor into the business back in 2015, when I originally launched FogPusher. The name of the game, today, comes down to positioning,...