Five Business Resolutions for 2016

Five Business Resolutions for 2016

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”   – W. Somerset Maugham

Business resolutions are important.  They keep us in alignment with our goals and serve as a reference point when we lose sight or become distracted.  January is a logical time to review your business resolutions but in reality they should be an ongoing effort, revised as life and situations change.  

There is some preparation however, which must take place before an effective 2016 business resolution game plan can be created.  You will first want to make sure you are very clear about your “Why” in life and business.  If you are unclear about why it is that you do what you do, then not only will creating resolutions be difficult but they will also be very difficult to stick with.

Once you have your WHY in place, here are five 2016 business resolutions which will assist in creating a more fulfilling life and business.

  1. Simplify.  Your life, home, business and relationships. Remove the clutter and the unnecessary complexity from all areas of your personal and business life.  Maybe even start a Feng Shui practice.  If you’re looing to generate mortgage leads, you must simplify your life in order to handle the additional workflow you will receive from our mortgage lead generation system.
  2. Start building a network of people you can trust.  There are a variety of professional organizations in every city around the US.  You can even start one if you feel so inclined. I have not found a very comprehensive nationwide resource but a google search for YOUR CITY + ‘Professional Networking Organizations’ or ‘Professional Alliances’ should turn up something of interest and worth your time. 
  3. Plan ahead.  The most important aspect of generating more traffic to your business in 2016 is creating an official business plan. Research has shown that in general, business owners have a far greater chance of succeeding when they have written business plans in place.  Even if you already have one, now is a great time to review it and update accordingly.  Business plans can also help if you are looking to expand your business with a loan or grant.  Most of these programs will require a complete business plan before they will even talk with you about the subject. The SBA provides a wealth of knowledge on the subject and can even put you in touch with a local counselor who can help you through the process.  
  4. Get a head start on your competition. Having a leg up on the competition can make the difference for a business owner succeeding or failing.  In taking the time to research your competitive landscape (online and offline), you will be able to better comprehend the nature of your market and your key competitors.   I provide a free digital marketing report which breaks down the specifics of your business’ current digital marketing efforts, analyzes your local competition and provides a step by step solution which can be taken to generate more traffic based upon the findings in the research I put together in making the report.  
  5.  Implement a well-balanced lifestyle.  As a business owner myself, I know this one can be difficult to stay on top of when many times there are so many things going on.  Balancing the work, creative social, health and spiritual aspects of your life will make you not only a more enjoyable person but it will also help you think clearly and able to solve life’s challenges with a more well rounded perspective.  Proper implementation of this will require you to be on top of #3 (planning ahead).

There are many more 2016 business resolutions but these are some of my personal resolutions for the upcoming year.  The list may seem a little overwhelming but its all within reach.  Making these things a priority will definitely give you a head start in having a successful, fulfilling, prosperous new year!