How To Use Behalf Financing for Web Design and Online Marketing

How To Use Behalf Financing for Web Design and Online Marketing

As a business owner in today’s world, having a professionally designed website and an effective online marketing strategy is as (if not more) important than having a phone number.  Considering a well-implemented online marketing strategy and business website will provide a return on your investment for years to come (as long as it is well maintained), there are some distinct advantages in using Behalf’s term payment program rather than paying cash out of your pocket.

Although this is not a topic I am asked about on a regular basis, I did receive a question about it recently and knew there were others in similar situations. I found there to be somewhat limited third-party information about this topic available – outside of using a credit card – which will generally be a much more expensive route than the method I am sharing here.

Maybe you have recently launched a new startup and have limited working capital or possibly found yourself in a difficult cash flow  situation and realized the importance of optimizing your brand’s visibility online.  Or maybe you can afford it but the low-cost of using the service is attractive to you, and you like the idea of boosting your business’ credit rating while taking care of your company’s web presence.

In either case, this process may allow you to get the ball rolling towards having an effective online web presence in place, working for your business around the clock.  An effective web presence has the potential to be much more effective than even your top sales person, yet ‘working’ 24/7/365 rather than only during normal business hours.

There are actually some distinct advantages of financing your web design and online marketing, even if you do have cash to cover the investment.

Luckily, for those who don’t, there still may be an opportunity to obtain financing on your web design and/or online marketing with Behalf Financing, even if you have some credit scuffs from the past.

Discovering A Need for Behalf (via the Liberation of Vapor Devices)

Through April 2015 I was involved in the business development and sales management of a wholesale vapor distribution company which strictly sold to retail businesses which offered vapor / electronic cigarette devices to the 18+ public.  During that time I ran into several situations where my customers came to the warehouse to pick up their orders, agreeing to  ‘send us a check later.’ Some just never came through on their end of the deal.

My customers, on at least three occasions over the year and a half I was in that position, intentionally stiffed the company for the product I ultimately let them walk away with. Although I may never understand or make an attempt to justify this type of behavior, I truly believe (really hope for their sake, anyway) that they wouldn’t have done that if they were not in dire personal financial situations.

While ‘liberating’ our vapor hardware was one way to finance their product, Behalf Financing turned out to be a much more attractive option.

Behalf Financing – The Cash Flow Savior

Having previously held a sales management position with the insulating concrete form manufacturer, BuildBlock Building Systems, the B2B sales and marketing world was not foreign to me, however, the vapor industry was indeed.

I took every opportunity to learn marketing and business growth strategies from our top producing clients, not only because I was truly interested in understanding their approach, but also because my experience at BuildBlock taught me that my role in that position would ultimately prove to be most effective once I was able to help our

I took every opportunity to learn marketing and business growth strategies from our top producing clients, not only because I was truly interested in understanding their approach, but also because my experience at BuildBlock taught me that my role in that position would ultimately prove to be most effective once I was able to help our clients by providing them with specific means in which they could each grown their businesses.

One day I ran into a situation with a client who had just placed a large order directly from a manufacturer  in China. Typically on these orders, pricing is greatly dictated by the quantity of product being purchased. In this particular situation, my client saved nearly 20% by ordering in bulk, which was significant enough for them to take the risk at that time. The problem, however, was that sometimes these orders could take 5 – 7 weeks to arrive, particularly when the weight and/or volume of the order made shipping by air a fairly expensive consideration.

Needless to say, this delay in receiving the product they needed not only left their bank account below their comfort level but it also put them in a situation where they did not have the product in stock they needed to run their business or a credit card to use to purhcase more product.

Mistakes like these often were made at the expense of losing customers as, in many cases, the retail e-cig buyers would become impatient and either go somewhere else or order their devices online.

The customer called to discuss their situation but since we did not offer any financing terms on purchases, I opted to research other possibilities and came across a company called Behalf which offered term payment solutions to businesses, for business purchases.

I called the company and had a long talk with one of their reps but since I did not have prior experience actually working with the company, I proceeded with caution as I pointed our customer in their direction.  The and I set up our business account which enabled us to receive payments from our clients who used their services.

As I discussed their services with more people over the  following days, I discovered that there were surprisingly more people who used their service than I anticipated. In fact, I found we were actually losing business by not having an account with them as many of our customers just went to another vendor when they were in a situation where it made more sense to use Behalf financing services.

I heard many stories of how Behalf financing had saved my customers when they were in tight cash flow situations and needed additional inventory, computers, and other products and services to run their businesses.  Not only that, but my clients found it made a lot of sense to use on purchases which had a longer return on investment.Behalf was the cash flow savior.

Behalf was the cash flow savior.

Behalf Financing

How Much Does Behalf Financing Cost?

This part was somewhat surprising and had me asking, “So, what is the catch?” a few times before I fully understood the company’s business model.

The founder of the company started the organization as a means of providing affordable financing to business owners who had found themselves in a bit of a tough situation financially, in order to purchase products or services for their business.

Behalf financing generally costs $10 – $30 / month per $1,000 borrowed. The company offers 90 – 180-day payment terms and allows customers to pay off their balance early without acquiring any additional fees or expenses.

Not only is this much less than what most credit cards would charge, this also makes considering the use of Behalf to cover expenses such as your company’s website design or online marketing.

This is due to the basic economics of the situation.

Hypothetical situation.  Let’s say you are shopping outsource web design companies (vs hiring an employee to design and manage).

One of the options you found costs $500 and the other is $1,000. You know the $1,000 option will ultimately drive more business because it is more comprehensive, but you are not comfortable making that investment out of pocket. $500 is a more comfortable investment but you have a feeling you may not get as much out of the finished product as you would with the alternative option.

Rather than going the ‘more comfortable’ yet less effective route, you consider the costs of using Behalf Financing to spread the $1,000 investment over the next three months. On the higher end of the spectrum, that might cost $90 in fees to Behalf and the additional $500 for the investment itself makes the higher-end option run $590 more to pursue.

What is the Return on Investment for Using a More Comprehensive Digital Marketing & Web Design Service?

The true answer to this will depend greatly on the nature of the business you are involved in.   In the example above, using Behalf Financing in addition to a more comprehensive digital marketing and web design service was $590 more than the alternative option.  vast majority of businesses will have a much greater than $590 return if the more costly option is even slightly more effective than the $500 option.

The vast majority of businesses will have a much greater than $590 return if the more costly option is even slightly more effective than the $500 option.

Plus, considering you will continue reaping the rewards of a well-established web presence long after it has been set up (as long as you provide it with necessary upkeep) it actually makes more sense to compare the two options on a several year time frame.

Extending the investment over a longer period of time likely makes more sense if you are able to do so affordably, especially if you are ultimately getting even a few more customers out of it than the lower-investment route.

For a custom home builder or contractor of any kind, just one additional customer would more than justify the difference. For a vape shop or restaurant, for instance, one new customer every couple weeks would likely more than justify the additional expense.

The profit per customer & per transaction with ultimately change how the return on investment works but the overall advantages to using Behalf Financing are essentially the same.

How Do I Go About Using Behalf Financing for my Web Design & Online Marketing?

The Behalf financing approval process has improved greatly over the past couple years and today it is even easier than it was before to use their services.

  1. Visit the Behalf website here and fill in your details to begin creating your account. Continue going through that process until you receive a notification regarding your pre-approval status. Behalf uses a proprietary method of obtaining a pre-approval without the need for your social security number. This means pulling your pre-approval will not affect your credit score as they are not reporting this to any credit agencies. They will, however, report your successful payments, which will help your business credit.
  2. Once pre-approved, either contact me or request your free digital marketing evaluation. This will give me the opportunity to review your current situation and create a customized online marketing game plan specifically for your business. The more information you provide up-front, the more effective this process will be.
  3. After we have come to a game plan to pursue in establishing an effective web presence for your business, you will go back to the Behalf website and enter my vendor details and the total investment we have decided to be most comfortable and appropriate based upon your current situation and overall objective, Behalf will arrange the funding of your project based upon the payment terms you established with them.
  4. You continue making on-time payments to your Behalf account and they report positively to credit agencies as a result.  Your account with Behalf works as a revolving credit line so as long as you continue to make your payments on time, you can continue using the account for many other businesses to business transactions.

If you have further questions you may feel free to contact me anytime or you may contact Behalf if your questions are directly related to their services .

If you have questions regarding FogPusher’s work or hearing about what my clients have to say about my work, feel free to view our portfolio and/or testimonials, where you will find real client feedback from real customers.  You are welcome to contact any of them as references (please just be respectful of their time / time of day).


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