The Most Effective Mortgage Lead Generation System in 2018

The Most Effective Mortgage Lead Generation System in 2018

(Updated September 2018 – If you are looking for reverse mortgage leads, skip the first part and get directly to the update.)

Introducing… The FogPusher Home Buyer Magnet:

A clear and consistent approach to generating exclusive, high-quality mortgage leads, consistently.

As a former loan officer, I was exposed first hand to the shortcomings most loan originators face when generating mortgage leads.  Fortunately, my prior experience as a Realtor and project manager for a high-end home builder in NE Ohio, and managing lead generation/nurturing in each position gave me the experience I needed to excel in a short timeframe.

In fact, prior to leaving the position in 2013 due to a nearly fatal car accident, there was only 1 loan officer generating more business than I was.  That was out of 12 Southwest US offices with nearly 40 loan officers.  I had only held that position for about a year.

I’ve always believed in helping others to the extent that they are willing to help themselves.  At that point, however, my 70+ hour weeks prevented me from helping much.  Not outside of the normal context of my job, anyway.

Today, after nearly three years offering digital business development and lead generation services full-time, I have utilized a variety of mortgage lead generation methods.  Finally, I am able to see the entire situation from a broader perspective.

After adding Google Adwords and Analytics certifications to the experiences named above, and after generating thousands of mortgage leads using a variety of methods, clarity has come knocking on my door.

Before You Buy More Pathetic Mortgage Leads, Consider a Better Alternative.

Today we use a variety of methods to generate highly-quality, exclusive mortgage leads with the best ROI & conversion ratios you will find anywhere.  And I can prove my services produce results.

In 2018, generating high-quality, exclusive mortgage leads requires a variety of skillsets, most of which are not understood by most LO’s.  It’s not your fault you don’t know. I highly doubt your venture into the mortgage finance industry began with a deep desire to figure out how to find people who want to talk about that.

Some of the skills required include landing page design, sales funnel design, ability to design effective marketing campaigns, managing hosting/DNS settings, SEO, content marketing, email automation, PPC advertising, retargeted marketing strategies, Google analytics data analysis, and integration with current websites / CRM / followup-systems.

If you want to learn about how to generate mortgage leads, it’s also extremely helpful that you have obtained your mortgage licenses, or hire somebody who has, because the advertising regulations are not designed to be wiggled around via gray areas. If you do wiggle them, wait until you see how the ignorance of the law excuse works when there is a problem.  Unfortunately, this is more common than you might expect.

The good news is that it’s absolutely unnecessary.

My direct mortgage and real estate experience, combined web design, advertising, and digital business development experience, have enabled me to acquire a fairly unique set of skills, through which I have created a powerful turn-key system for generating exclusive mortgage leads using PPC ads, landing pages, chatbots and remarketing technology. If you are considering the use of Facebook ads to generate mortgage leads, I have done a lot of that, also, and I’d recommend reading about how mortgage leads generated with Google ads will always be better than anything from Facebook.

The problem with generating mortgage leads can be found by understanding how high-quality borrower prospects go about selecting a loan to facilitate the purchase of their new home.  In order for you to catch a high-quality mortgage lead at the right time, you’d better be in front of them when they are searching for it.   in their journey becomes increasingly narrow, the higher the quality of the prospect gets.

It’s important to keep the following truth in mind. Many digital marketing specialists are more than willing to offer their services to mortgage industry professionals but very few of them have the necessary track record and direct industry experience necessary to produce results.  More than likely, you have already gone there – probably more than once – and it probably hasn’t worked out so great as of yet.  (Obviously, it hasn’t or you wouldn’t be reading this.)

We work with mortgage brokers/MLO’s, real estate brokers/agents across the country who meet specific criteria in line with the services we offer.  The lead generation and sales funnel strategies we use for Realtors are generally different than those which are most effective for mortgage loan originators. This is due to the window of opportunity situation I mentioned.

If you have ever purchased a home using a mortgage, or know anybody who has – how long did you/they/whoever spend looking for the home?  How long did you/they spend looking for the mortgage?  If you are anything like the 77% of home buyers who only fill out 1 mortgage app, you/they probably didn’t spend very long finding the mortgage. There was likely more time spent finding the right home.

And there is your first clue as to why high-quality mortgage leads generated through social media will never be of the same quality as those generated using (properly and competently-planned) search engine marketing strategies.

The Magic Mortgage Lead Machine Formula

Mortgage & Real Estate Experience


Web Design & Digital Marketing / Advertising Experience


Understanding & Having a Successful Track Record Utilizing the Latest in Targeted Advertising/Lead Capture Technology



The Problems With the Old Lead Generation Models

  • In-house marketing manager provides no guarantee of ROI.  They are expensive.  You hire them and they receive the consistent job security associated with their position.  Who is offering you job security?
  • Many mortgage loan originators fail to establish themselves as the expert.  You must generate meaningful content that answers questions your target audience is asking.  Put yourself in their shoes and create media that answers the questions they have.  So many fail to do this even though its one of the most powerful strategies in the mortgage (really, any) business.
  • Live transfers are cool and all but how many people are making calls before they do research online.  Millenials are more prone to use online lead capture tools before they pick up the phone – and they may never pick up the phone. Plus, in a live transfer situation, the lead has no prior knowledge of you or your company.  Your closing rate on those is not likely to be anywhere close to what it can be with we have in place. After all, with live transfers you are receiving calls as they come in, they have not been screened.  How effectively are you using your time if you are receiving random leads on the phone who have no idea who you are?
  • Buying mortgage leads online is also a waste of time and money.  If you want to chase after leads that have been sold to literally everybody who is interested, be my guest.  The key to succeeding is creating a system that generates high-quality exclusive mortgage leads.
  • Lack of lead generation & capture system in place. Most mortgage brokers and real estate brokers simply do not have a consistent lead generation/ mortgage sales funnel in place.
  • Prowling on Realtors for referrals is another grand waste of time, unless you have a strategic plan in place, involving offering them leads. With this system, you will have plenty of leads to send their way. If you want to get something, give it away first.  Active reciprocity will change your life – not just your business.
  • Networking events can be fun but they rarely result in business.  The only consistency to come of networking events is potential friendships, which may lead to more opportunity down the road.  There is nothing wrong with attending a networking event as a mortgage professional, but it’s not the most effective way to go about acquiring new mortgage clients.
  • Many mortgage brokers spin their wheels recruiting mortgage loan officers when they really need a high-quality lead gen system in place.
  • A very common misconception is that having the best mortgage website is essential to generate mortgage leads or even for effective mortgage marketing.  It’s helpful if it’s used to show expertise, value, testimonials, and original content, but there are many other ways to optimize your online presence in 2018.  The most important of these being, a sales funnel.
    The only difference between a sales funnel and a website is the intent.  Sales funnels are designed to have visitors take very specific action – websites generally contain information – which is very ineffective when it comes to mortgage or real estate lead generation.
    From 2015-early 2017 I designed websites full time, and am more than willing to do that if it is deemed necessary.  My specialty and value are in producing the assets you need to meet your yours.  I don’t do fluff.
  • I recently found significant evidence suggesting friends and family are far less likely to borrow or invest money with friends and family as they were even 5-10 years ago.  I believe Google and consumer access to information have greatly contributed to this situation.  For this reason, the traditional financial services business model falling apart, even for some of the larger wealth management companies.  There is reason to believe a similar situation is happening in the mortgage industry.  People want to make the best financial decisions they are able to make given their particular situation.  This is much different than making a decision based on where their friend or family work.

The Most Effective Mortgage Lead Generation System in 2018

The Mortgage Marketing Solution(s).

  • Hiring a professional who understands mortgage marketing and lead generation, with a background in mortgage loan origination and real estate sales.  Have us manage your advertising and sales funnels, generating leads for you while you focus on closing loans and building strategic referral relationships.
  • Tracking code installation/utilization to re-target visitors with ads.  Sometimes the first visit isn’t enough to make a visitor comfortable enough with you to make contact. Follow them with ads after they have visited your website (if you have one).
  • Market-proven ads delivered to the highly targeted audience of potential home buyers. We utilize the latest in intent-based targeting and in-market client acquisition strategy. Ongoing A/B testing.
  • A/B tested lead capture pages that capture your lead’s information. A/B testing is an ongoing process to maximize results.
  • Hot sales-qualified mortgage lead funnel which produces qualified prospects that belong to you and only you.
  • Implementing an automated mortgage lead generation system that enables you to generate exclusive leads for whatever your niche may be.  We can generate exclusive mortgage refinance leads, commercial leads, reverse mortgage leads, etc…


Guaranteed Mortgage Marketing Profitability Formula

The formula below is used to ensure mortgage ads are profitable for clients.  I always recommend brokers and MLO’s to look at their current cost/loan app with their current situation (including guaranteed draws against commission/salary payments/employee benefits) and compare this to the numbers our clients are generating.  Many will find that their cost to maintain loan officers is far greater than the cost of having a dedicated lead generation agency on their team.

Ad Performance Variables  
CPC – Cost per click
CTR – Click through rate
Conversion on Landing Page
Conversion on Sales Page
CPL – Cost Per Lead (applicable without running ads)
Cost Per Loan App

Optimization Metrics
CPA – Cost Per Action (loan closing)
AOV – Average Order Value ( $2,000 – $6,000)

If CPA < AOV, the setup is profitable.

My Areas of Expertise & Experience

  • Social Media Management, Marketing, and Lead Generation
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Custom Home Building/Project Management/Sales
  • Ad Targeting & Retargeting.  Lead Funnels. Sales Funnels
  • Mortgage Loan Origination
  • Lead Capture / Sales Funnel Creation & Implementation
  • Email Automation & Automated Prospect Engagement
  • SEO / Web Design

Why Invest in the Best Mortgage Leads?

The opportunity is here today but it won’t be around forever.  It’s 2018 and it’s time to start working smarter.  Before you purchase mortgage leads online, do yourself a favor and invest in a system which generates leads on your behalf.

The thing is, if you want to generate high-quality leads, you must consider how high-quality mortgage prospects go about buying, and you must be willing and able to invest the resources necessary to reach those people, at the exact time that they are willing to be reached.  Learn more about that situation by checking out the 5 ways Mortgage Leads from Google Ads Eat Facebook Leads for Breakfast.

Who We’re Looking For

Our objective is to create successful partnerships with mortgage professionals.  We work with banks, lenders, mortgage brokers, and LO’s who meet as many of the circumstances as possible, listed below:  and brokers who have as many of the following characteristics as possible:

  • Industry Experience
  • Money to Invest in the Generation of Exclusive Mortgage Leads – the Right Way ($10k-20k investment to set everything up – turn-key – and test it properly.  If you are an individual LO who is unable to afford this – I’d recommend showing the powers-that-be this, this, and this.  We are starting to take on more and more work for brokers that generate leads on behalf of their loan originators, and those links explain why.  If they are unwilling to discuss that, consider finding somewhere else to work that will.  Ideally, these ads will be run on behalf of the company, not on behalf of an individual person.  Pictures of people are great but in order to compete here, you must have some solidity to show. )
  • Positive Online and Offline Reputation (I will not fake testimonials but they are absolutely necessary.  Bonus points for video testimonials.)
  • Ability to Handle and Effectively Manage the New Business Generated
  • Willingness to Step Outside of Comfort Zone to Establish Oneself as an Industry Expert
  • Original Content Creators (Videos, Blog Posts, Etc…)

If you feel you meet these requirements, please visit our landing page about mortgage marketing funnels, where you will receive additional details.

Also, check here to learn more about Mitch and why/how things have evolved in recent weeks to lead up to where things are at today.

If you are looking for a solution to generate high-quality mortgage leads (reverse mortgages, residential, commercial, refinance, purchase, etc…)  The pricing will vary depending on the scope of the work, but if you are going to do this right, there will need to be a budget to implement all of the necessary components required to do so.

This is not the ideal place to cut corners as it can transform your business fairly quickly.  It can also be a gigantic waste of a budget if you put a person behind the wheel who should not be there.

Have questions?  Feel free to reach out.


September 2018 - Reverse Mortgage Lead Generation  Update

If you are looking for reverse mortgage leads, I have a system which is generating them for under $5 each (ad spend).  The setup for the campaign is $1,000. I recommend a $500 ad budget for the first month. 

This particular method allows for prospects to be called even if they don't answer any qualifying questions. 

The ongoing maintenance, testing, and optimization of campaigns is $750/month.  

This is only available in open states - Florida, Arizona, Illinois, and New York are spoken for as of the time I am writing this.  I will be announcing slowly and strategically moving forward.  There will not be an email blast, as protecting from an overlap between clients is essential to ensure ongoing success.

If you are interested in further exploring this please do these 2 things.

#1 - Email me and tell me you are interested in talking about this.  Also, tell me where you are located and licensed.

#2 - Schedule a meeting with me, here.

If you do not originate reverse mortgages, your best bet right now is to run Google PPC campaigns.  They require a variety of components and start at $10,000 including adspend.  $5,000 minimum adspend per month ongoing.  If you are not prepared to spend $20k/month on ads to maximize returns, I wouldn't even mess with it - honestly.

If you are a lender and you do not originate reverse mortgage loans but you are prepared for this type of investment into a high-quality lead generation system - feel free to reach out.  I am fairly selective on new clients for these services right now, but it's worth a shot.  Follow the same 2 steps described above, if this is you. 

Thank you



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