Web Design & Digital Marketing Portfolio

FogPusher Modern Web Design & Marketing Portfolio

Please note, all of these projects took place prior to shifting our focus to lead generation and digital business development for the mortgage and real estate industries. 

We are still willing to work on certain projects but we are very selective about this type of work. 

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Web Design, Marketing, Social Media Management, Lead Generation, Graphic Design, Content Creation, & More

Construction Industry Web Design, Marketing, and Digital Business Development

Our construction industry web design and marketing services generally go above and beyond the call of duty.  as I have actually spent the majority of my professional career involved in the construction industry – primarily in sales management, business development, and marketing management roles.  In fact, I worked for Premier Custom Builders in Northeast Ohio from 2009 – 2011, and when most of the builders had actually gone out of business, we were able to maintain a healthy company and actually won home builder of the year in 2009 while I was working there. 

This is greatly due to the fact that the FogPusher founder, Mitch Smith, worked in business development for companies on every end of the construction industry – from building material manufacturing to subcontracting to high-end custom home building and even to the mortgage / finance end of the businesses.  

In fact, Mitch worked for Premier Custom Builders in Northeast Ohio from 2009 – 2011, and when most of the builders had actually gone out of business, the company was not only able to stay afloat, but also won the Northeast Ohio Builder of the Year award during that time.  

Working with contractors and builders has been a focus of ours since day one, however, as you will see below, many other industries have utilized our web design and marketing services. 

With the level of confidence we bring to the table, particularly in the construction industry, we actually have some unique arrangements in place which can entail a performance – based compensation model. 

Our clients who ultimately decide to take advantage of this option are in a great situation because it saves them from having to take the risk of hiring a less-than-effective marketing or web design company.  

In allowing us to have a vested interest in the success of the project, our clients sleep well at night knowing they have a team player on their side.  

For these reasons, we will generally only accept one to two clients per metropolitan area (in competing segments of the industry), as we would rather not put ourselves in a position to create competition among our clients.   

(More construction industry projects to be added to our portfolio sooon!)

Vapor Industry Web Design & Marketing

We provide the full range of outsourced (to us, not elsewhere) web design and marketing services to our vapor industry clients.   Take a look at several examples of these projects below.  

Dance Studio / Yoga Studio Web Design & Marketing

Landscape Contractor, Tree Service & Lawn Maintenance Web Design & Marketing

Vapor Products Distributions (previously Vapor Products Inc.)


The Juice Box

The Juice Box Vape Shop