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Sure, we design small business websites, but that is only a small part of what we really do. Our goal every day is to help our clients do more of what they love to do.  This may be accomplished through generating custom home buyer traffic, procuring legal clients, vape shop customers, or even releasing original music.  

FogPusher.com is just a tool for us to pursue what we enjoy doing the most, and as a result, helping those around us.

Earn the confidence and trust of your new and existing clients with a professionally designed, responsive website which looks great, regardless of the device your customers are using. 

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How do I know if FogPusher is the Right Choice for my business?

In considering hiring a small business web design company to handle your business’ web presence, you are making somewhat of an important decision.  You need to not only make the choice that provides you with the most value for your investment, but you also need to make a judgement on character and trust.  

After you consider the many advantages to hiring FogPusher as your small business web designer, you will become more comfortable with your decision. Not only do we have plenty of references to vouch for the quality of our work and our personal character, but this entire project means more to us than just a ‘job’ to go to in the morning.  

We love what we do and producing results for our clients is what we do best. 

Our business development approach to marketing and web design gives our clients a unique edge. We’re not here to just design something that looks pretty. We do that, but we are here to create a comprehensive solution that produces results for your business. Our business development approach to marketing has produced some amazing results for our clients, in a variety of industries.


Whether you are based in the Oklahoma City area (like us), looking to outsource an OKC Web Design Company, or you live elsewhere in the US or Canada, we have your web design, SEO, and marketing needs completely covered.

We make the process cost-effective, easy, and something which will be better-than-unpleasant to deal with.  

Let’s discuss your current situation and objectives.

Call us today or request your free, customized digital marketing report to get the ball rolling towards the future success of your business.  


In order to be discovered – first you must stand out from the Fog.

 Personal Dedication

At FogPusher, our life objective is to provide our clients with web design and marketing resources which turn their businesses into customer magnets. You see, this is much more than just a job to us; this is our life and it’s what we love to do.  We will go the extra mile to ensure your project is a success. 

  Web Design Company

As your specially-selected outsource web design company, we are going to treat your project as if it were for our own business.  You won’t have to worry as to whether or not you made the right decision.  In fact, you are more than welcome to call any of our clients to ask them how they feel.  

 Brand Visibility

You have put in the sweat and tears to establish your brand and build something you are proud of.  What good does it do if only some people can find evidence of it?  Brand Visibility Optimization is the name of our game.  We find thorough enjoyment in creating solutions which connect our clients with their customers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is for your web design (and any other marketing services you decide to outsource in  our direction) to be a huge success and exceed your every expectation.  Not only is it a goal, but it’s our mission in life.  If we fail to do this, then that would mean we would fail at life.  And we don’t fail at life.   

  Mobile Friendly 

If you haven’t noticed, a good majority of the adult (and teenage, maybe even more so) population is living out a good portion of their lives with their eyes glued to the backs of their mobile devices.  In order to catch their attention, it is crucial to have mobile friendly solutions in place, allowing your brand to stand out among the rest.  

 Budget Flexibility

An unlimited budget would be a nice situation, however, it’s not one we have encountered yet.  Fortunately, since we are a relatively small operation, we are in a position to customize our services to meet the needs of basically any budget.  We also have a financing arrangement with Behalf, which is another option to consider. 

Take Action

What are you waiting for?  You made it this far, give us a call!

We look forward to discussing your upcoming project and helping you discover whether or not we are the best small to medium business web design company for your specific situation.

To learn more about how our web design services can increase your company’s exposure and attract new customers, download our free local search optimization whitepaper below.   Or you can just call us now at (405) 463-9058.