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FogPusher operates on a point pricing structure to ensure you are getting the greatest value for your investment. 

Rather than charging on an hourly system and planning out every step of the way, our point system retainer simplifies the arrangement and is designed to be flexible – enabling us to deliver what you need, when you need it, in a comprehensive way.

Drive Traffic

We offer a variety of traffic generation services ranging from inbound marketing to PPC ads to social media and email management.


Attract & Engage

In order to maintain the attention of your most valued cleints, you must attract them with a relevant message then engage them in a relevant way.  

Maximize Quality Leads

In order to maximize both the quantity and quality of the leads generated, your content must be designed to attract that audience specifically.  

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All Onboarding Packages and Ongoing Service Packages are 1/2 Price Forever (Today Only)
Monthly management does not start until onboarding is 100% complete.


We provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful, including video instruction on how to use each aspect of the system and ad templates/strategy instruction. You manage it yourself.
(Must have a web guy on your staff or be in a position to actually do this yourself.)


Inbound Marketing, SEO, & Web Presence Optimization

The advertising world is changing and over 200 million people use ad blockers on their browsers. Inbound marketing strategy enables your business to be discovered by the most ideal clients, which we outline in our initial client profiles we create with you.

This module involves an audit of your website’s on-page and off-page search engine optimization, social media, advertising campaigns, and other performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) to gather a baseline.

We research and help you identify profiles for your most ideal customers and create personas so all future efforts are directly addressed to meet their specific needs and points of attraction.  This also enables us to gear all future content generation efforts specifically to address the pain points of your most ideal clients.  This foundation sets the stage for your business’ inbound marketing success.


  • SMART goals
  • Persona development
  • Keyword research
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization
  • Website design audit
  • Social media setup
  • Analytics setup

Content Mapping

  • SMART goals
  • Content audit
  • Create editorial calendar
  • Create social media calendar
  • Campaign outline

Create 1st Campaign

  • Create premium content offer (ebook, whitepaper, tip sheet, etc.)
  • Landing pages, calls-to-action, workflows, lead
  • Nurturing emails
  • Social media promo
  • Blog posts

Dedicated Inbound Marketing Team

Our team works together to make lead generation magic happen.   Your custom-crafted inbound marketing strategy is designed to ensure the most direct route to success.  


  • Customized Content Strategy 
  • IMC (Inbound Marketing Consultant)
  • Copywriter
  • Designer

Engagement Strategy (Chatbots & Dynamic Forms)

No prospect gets left unattended to with our dynamic, AI based web visitor engagement solutions designed to engage your web visitors in a conversation immediately when they reach your site.

Engagement strategies include:

  • Lead generation chatbots designed to answer prospect questions and qualify/route them based upon their particular situation.
  • Sync the prospect engagement strategy with your inbound marketing strategy. 
  • Setup and management of dynamic forms and a variety of lead capture tools designed to engage and convert your most valuable prospects and keep their attention long enough to collect their information.

Website Enhancement / Consultation

There will be no website gaps slipping through the cracks with our website performance evaluation and optimization, where we get a feel for your page load times, bounce rates, and more – to ensure your website is fresh and best-optimized to strategically attract and engage your highest-valued clients.

Website Enhancement Includes:

  • Google Analytics and HubSpot review of site page performance, bounce rates, time on page, etc. – prioritize design needs accordingly
  • Sync design strategy with inbound marketing gameplan
  • Design edits (1-2 items per month) to increase conversions

Strategy & Review Sessions

You will always be directly in the loop in terms of everything we’re doing and when/how it is being done.  Our weekly strategy and review session meeting agenda will be complete with agendas and recap notes so everything is clearly discussed, addressed, and we keep on moving forward with your campaigns.  

Strategy/Review Sessions Include:

  • 1 call/virtual meeting per week with FP
  • Analysis of initial metrics and results on prior week’s campaign efforts
  • Monthly planning/strategy meeting for current and on-deck campaign efforts with Strategist

Ideal Buyer Persona: Research & Development

Ideal buyer personas are the foundation of our marketing and lead generation efforts.  We take the time to discuss your most ideal previous and dream clients to craft a true representation of your most ideal buyers.  In this way, your content will be designed specifically to resonate with those individuals, which enables us to navigate them down the marketing funnel.

Buyer Persona R&D Includes:

  • Full profile build for every defined persona
  • Establish segmentation triggers based on individual needs/pain points
  • Define and design their buying journey, crafting a content game plan designed to reach these people at the most ideal points, with the most ideal messages, along their journey. 


Blogging is at the heart of a solid inbound marketing strategy.  But, not just any content.  Your content must be designed to be specifically geared to meet the journey and painpoints of your most ideal borrowers, buyers, etc…

Blogging Activites Include:

  • 4-8 Blog posts/month (could vary based on your allocated points)
  • Editorial calendar creation and management

Social Media

We help you sync your accounts and set up automated content publishing across your most important social media outlets.  

Social Media Management Includes:

  • Create, review and update all major social channels
  • Set up auto-publishing functionality
  • Create persona/keyword-specific social monitoring streams to track mentions, back-link opportunities, media opportunities, and more. 

Content Offers

Content offers are a fantastic lead generation tool that helps your buyers solve specific problems along their buying journey.  We base the content of these content offers around your personas, industry research, and your insights.

Content Offers Could Include:

  • 1 new premium offer per quarter
  • 1 new 1-page content offer (tip sheet, checklist, etc.) per quarter
  • TOFU (top-of-the-funnel), MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel) or BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel)

Custom-Built Campaign:

  • Landing page
  • Thank You page
  • Social promo
  • Email promo
  • CTA(s)

Monthly ROI Assessment

Your return on investment (ROI) is our top priority. Our monthly strategy sessions allow us to collaborate with you and discuss any adjustments that need to be made in our approach to achieve and exceed goals.

Monthly ROI Assessments Include:

  • Set up and evaluate key performance indicators and metrics
  • Are we on track or exceeding initial campaign ROI targets
  • Review data and adapt if necessary

Keyword Audit and Ongoing Optimization

Search engines are constantly evolving in ever-increasingly relevant and organic ways.  This is not something that you can just set and forget – and not tend to on an ongoing basis.  This includes analyzing your competitors to see what they are doing in relation to where you are, evaluating ideal buyer personas to identify intent-based searches made at different points throughout the buyer’s journey.  It all comes down to ranking – and this optimization process enables us to strategize and do whatever is necessary to outrank your competitors. 

KW Audit & Optimization Includes:

  • Full-site SEO audit to determine critical gaps
  • Competitor analysis and utilization 
  • Keywords tool to detect attainable ranking opportunities and strategize long-tail/short-tail keywords

Email Marketing

Utilizing email ensures your message gets out to your contacts about new articles, press releases, and new content offers.  This helps us move them through their buying process by adding value throughout their journey. 

Email Marketing Includes:

  • 1 newsletter template
  • 2 email promos per month (Could vary based on allocated points)
  • Persona-specific to increase conversion opportunities

Conversational Marketing Strategy

Utilizing conversational marketing and engagement strategy is what ultimately will set your lead generation efforts apart from everybody else.  Consumers have plenty of options and by engaging them in a conversation about their situation, when they are ready to talk, we can help navigate them as they continue feel as if they are in control of the pace of the engagement. 

Conversational Marketing Includes:

  • Lead Generation Chatbots
  • Dynamic form creation and integration into landing pages and website
  • Persona-specific to increase conversion opportunities

Local SEO Strategy & Ranking Optimization

Google My Business is can be one of the most effective resources for organic inbound search engine traffic.  We have helped businesses triple their revenue just from local SEO alone!  


Customize our specialized lead generation and digital marketing services to suit.


Advanced Content ($3,000 / 30 points per month)

So long as your content is quality and directly relevant to your ideal buyer – more is always going to be better.  Our advanced content addon provides you with access to a copywriter who goes knee-deep into your industry and world.  Having additional blogs and content sources across the internet means more indexed pages, which gives your business the extra opportunity to rank and be seen by searchers with intent to purchase. 


These Additional Points Can Be Used For:

  • Additional premium content offers
  • Additional blog posts per week
  • Examples: ebook, whitepaper, tip sheet, SlideShare, etc.
  • Offers include custom-built campaign of:
    • Landing pages
    • Thank You pages
    • Social promos
    • Email promos
    • CTA(s)

Advanced Social Media ($2,000 / 20 points per month)

Businesses have taken social media by storm – and there’s no signs of a stoppage. That said, having a strategized approach is more important than ever; this includes timely interactions and conversations with your followers to both spread word of your business and build rapport. Adding these additional points means your social media channels get in-depth attention and individualized strategy and imagery, since each platform appeals to different audiences.

These Additional Points Can Be Used To:

  • Track and engage with personas in all targeted social monitoring streams
  • Social lead nurturing strategy
  • Set up and manage relevant social accounts outside of primary channels
  • Primary: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.
  • Create all necessary custom imagery to post on social channels, i.e.: Facebook Images, Twitter Images, Pinterest posts

Referral Partner Lead Generation Campaigns ($2,000 / 20 points)

Use some of your hours to generate business for strategic referral partners! 

These Additional Points Can Be Used To:

  • Create, run, and manage lead generation campaigns for strategic referral partners. 
  • Create chatbots, content, advertising, you name it.  

Paid Media Strategy ($2,000 / 20 points per month)

Utilize our paid media expertise, Google certifications, and all-around paid traffic genius to take your business to the next level.  Paid traffic offers one of the most direct high-quality lead generation traffic sources available. 


Growth-Driven Website Design ($5,000 / one time)

Luke Summerfield, a Program Manager at HubSpot, developed Growth Driven Design (GDD), a web design methodology that’s changed how website designs are done.

Rather than launch a website without knowing how it will perform, GDD makes incremental improvements to a launchpad website based on hard data, including user engagement, heat mapping, and other strategies. From there, the framework of “Plan, Build, Learn and Transfer” is continuously cycled to maintain peak performance.


These Additional Points Can Be Used To:


  • Create a full website design audit
  • Assess current user/visitor activity
  • Implement heat mapping software to track user engagement
  • Optimize conversion paths based on heat mapping data

High-Conversion Landing Page Package (Points Vary Depending On Needs)

In order to capture high-quality leads, we must have professional and dynamic landing pages in place designed to help us do just that.  

We will design the landing pages, dynamic/conversational forms, chatbots, and everything you need to start generating high-quality leads immediately. 

The High-Ticket Lead Generation Leader


Having direct experience in the mortgage, real estate, and insurance busiensses gives us a direct edge over the competition when it comes to lead generation in those industries.



We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes and have even had great success with inbound marketing on this website you are on now. 


TURN-KEY Solution

In the past, you had no choice but to hire a designer, developer, and a marketing manager to put together a lead generation campaign like we do.  We consoliated, tested, and simplified the entire process to enable us to manage it. 

let us help you do what we do best

This is more than just a job for us – digital marketing and lead generation are our passion.  Schedule a call with us today so we can chat about your business goals to see if they align with ours.  It’s the only situation in which we would take on your work, anyway. 

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