Website Design OKC

Website Design OKC

Your independent, comprehensive, & cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house marketing management and web design ‘departments’ – at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

The cost of a hiring a full-time marketing manager or web designer is cost prohibitive for many small business owners.

Especially when you consider the additional expenses, other than the salary itself, which come along with hiring employees.

Not to mention, employees with salaries generally become complacent and will rarely be as effective as a different person who you pay upon performance.

You might be saying to yourself, “But salaried employees are more loyal to the company than independent contractors!” Do you really believe that?

Anybody who has ever quit a position with a salary (including myself) will tell you otherwise.

Or, for that matter, ask anybody who has ever owned a construction company and has put this theory to the test.

You might work your entire life on your business but at the end of the day, you still are not guaranteed it’s going to succeed.

Why would you offer job security to somebody within your company, knowing that it will eventually make them less effective?

Life isn’t handing you a salary & I would think twice about passing that security net along.

With FogPusher, select only the services you need us to manage and forget about the rest.

Why pay more than what you need?

No salary. No payroll taxes. No social security. No overtime.

Stand out. Attract & Retain Customers. Streamline workflow.

Web Designer & Marketing Solutions Provider OKCWebsite Designer, Internet Marketing Service, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Agency, Graphic Designer, Advertising Agency and Business Management Consultant. Modern Web Design & Marketing Solutions is the premier provider of online and offline marketing solutions for local business, based in Oklahoma City OK.  As the OKC Web Designer, we also provide business owners across the United States and Canada with the resources to dominate their local and online markets.  We look forward to fulfilling your modern web design & marketing needs! Contact us today – (405) 463-9058.

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