Guerrilla Marketing Ideas & Creative Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas & Creative Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business

Chances are, when you first hear the words guerrilla marketing ,one of two things come to mind:

– A large King Kongish primate who has made himself available to hire for promotional purposes (nope, not gorilla marketing) or…
– A communist military activist armed with automated weapons and camouflage bandannas, but only on the weekends.  During the week maybe he too, offers marketing services.

Fortunately, however, guerrilla marketing is far more likely than either of those things to bring a great benefit to your life and business.  It’s also possibly less dangerous (particularly if your objective is marijuana marketing).

What is guerrilla marketing?

The concept of guerrilla marketing is interesting because its definition and context seems to change dramatically from one resource to another.  For example,’s definition focuses on the low cost, practical sense of the term and further explains that telephone and email marketing are the most effective forms.  In looking deeper into the subject, I discovered that these are examples but they are not comprehensive in the sense of maximizing brand exposure.

You will find in the ideas shown below that maximum exposure is more likely to be obtained with a little creativity and thinking outside of the box.  This is not to say that email marketing, digital marketing and good old fashioned phone calls are not effective and necessary, because they definitely are – likely more-so than some of the examples shown below.  The most comprehensive definition I have found actually comes from Google:

guer·ril·la mar·ket·ing noun

innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

How are the most effective guerrilla marketing ideas created?

 In order to create the most effective guerrilla marketing ideas, pay close attention to your immediate resources  as well as the various objectives of the products or services you are promoting.  There is no ‘set in stone’ method of creating highly effective guerrilla marketing ideas, and that is what makes the concept special.

Whether you are a business owner or a marketing professional, take some time to evaluate each of the concepts presented.  From vape shop marketing concepts to bar marketing ideas, the guerrilla marketing ideas mentioned here can definitely be useful as a guide to creating your own.  Pay attention to the actual thought process which took place in the creation of the ideas – from the standpoint of the person who created the campaign.   You will begin to recognize the overall thought process involved in creating these campaigns has some consistency in each different application.   Once you have become familiar with that thought process, it will be easier for you to identify real world opportunities in which these concepts can help you grow your business.

As you will see below, there are many ways of going about maximizing a brand’s exposure.  The common theme among most of them however, is that of staying outside of the box (literally, in many cases) to provide a new perspective on something which is found in every day life.   The most effective guerrilla marketing techniques are those which blur the lines between advertising and reality for the audience and transform advertising efforts which are typically seen as an annoyance to the public, into humorous, enjoyable experiences .

In making your target market feel as if they have entered an alternate dimension, you are creating an unforgettable experience which will naturally be shared across social media outlets and with the friends and family of those who get to experience the advertising first hand.  For marketing professionals, this viral effect is the goal of all marketing efforts and guerrilla marketing can be the answer. I have compiled the examples below as a means of giving you some idea and inspiration in creating your next big guerrilla marketing campaign.   Be sure to pay close attention to the thought processes behind these ideas as they may help you formulate concepts for your business.


The flyers below are awesome examples of low cost (relatively speaking), highly effective guerilla marketing.  It is nice to get some inspiration from these examples which remind us that standard flyers do not have to annoy people in the process of seeing or finding them. Creating humor and originality are essential aspects of the guerilla’s flyer creation strategy.


Awesome example of taking the annoying ‘flyer in the windshield’ concept to an entirely new level.


Ballet classes, anybody?

Sticker Bombs

Sticker bombs are likely one of the most common, cost effective guerrilla marketing ideas out there but as Golden Ale and Lay’s show us below, sticker bombing does not always have to come across as trashy or annoying.  The humor and surprise factor bring a new dimension to sticker bombing which is much more effective than putting a logo on sticky paper and littering the city.


I had personally never heard of Golden Ale before but now I have. That is how you know this broken urinal campaign worked exceptionally well. If you are looking into doing your own sticker bomb campaign, be sure to comply with your local laws and/or establishment rules and be mindful of the environment in the process. Failure to do this will make your brand look highly unfavorable.


This concept for Lay’s potato chips was definitely ‘outside of the box.’ This is a very clever example of surrealism mixed with absolute awesome creativity.

Street & Sidewalk Brilliance

Finding ways to create new meanings and purpose to every day fixtures on the sidewalk or even in the road can be an excellent place to start in creating a guerrilla marketing campaign.  Some of these concepts are still even a little easier on the budget than some of the ideas included further below.


How could you possibly not want a cup of Folgers after you see a city full of steaming Folgers manhole covers around the city?Another awesome example of creating a new perspective around an every day item in the name of highly effective branding.


Street Knobs… Durex Knobs.


“Let me out of here!”
Amnesty International did a great job of getting their point across by re-creating the purpose of this street drain.  Is that a real person in there?!

Jeep Parking Spot

It’s true though! Jeeps can park anywhere. Might as well show people a few examples around the city.


As you can see, a guerrilla’s primary objective in creating a highly effective guerrilla marketing tactic should be to blur the lines of reality for the targeted audience.  Any time you can alter the audience’s life experience or give them a new perspective as a result of them seeing your campaign, you know you are on the right track and have created something which has potential to be highly effective.  The campaigns are not only effective because of the people who will directly see them but also because of how many people will voluntarily share the images on their social media pages, Reddit, etc…

Billboard Designs

Somebody at Coops Paints deserves two thumbs up for this spilled paint bucket with paint coming out of the 2D image. This is particularly effective due to how it created a 3D effect coming from the 2D image. Covering the vehicles was also a nice touch.

Honda Cereal Box Campaign

The Honda Cereal Box Campaign… How much better would a Cracker Jack’s surprise be if a Honda came out?

False Imprisonment

You can never go wrong having an amazing artist on hand to make it look like there is a person stuck somewhere in the ground, especially if you are promoting a product or service which gets people ‘un-stuck’ our ‘out of a hole’ literally or metaphorically.

Lait Carton Surrealism

Lait… It does a body good. As long as it’s giant sized carton doesn’t spill on your head while you’re waiting at the bus stop.

MiniUSA Airport Surrealism

Nice work, Mini-Coop. Not everybody will have the resources to convert the airports conveyor belt into an advertisement but when you make a large investment in the banner space above, I am sure the airport becomes negotiable.

Neglected Children

“Somebody get that neglected child out from behind that…. Oh wait, nevermind.  Dangit.” Above is another great example of creating the illusion that a person in in a very inconvenient situation, to effectively get a point across. People always tend to recognize humans in situations so any time you can create concepts which involve a human figure or realistic artist replica, you may be on to something special.

Display and Billboard Advertising

Some of the ideas below overlap with the surrealism category but continue to provide more examples of highly effective guerrilla marketing strategies which surely achieved the goals they were created to achieve.  The key again here is changing the audience’s reality or their perspective on an item in order to create something amazing (and in many cases hilarious, like the free air guitars).

Free Air Guitars

I find 96.3 Rock Radio’s Free Air Guitar advertisement to still be one of the most clever guerilla marketing ideas I have seen. This is not only because the concept works well with the rock radio station but also because the low cost involved. This advertisement also reminds us that the more clever the guerilla marketing idea, the less likely you will have resistance in anybody insisting that it gets taken down.

Mondo Pasta

The marketing brain behind Mondo Pasta’s rope to noodle perspective transformation was on his or her A-Game when this idea came about. Creating these face displays for the sides of the boats was likely not cheap but you can be sure that everybody who sees these boats will not forget about Mondo Pasta’s awesome guerrilla tactics. I am sure Mondo Pasta found the investment to create an extraordinary ROI.

The Economist BillBoard Ad

The Economist’s motion sensor activated light-bulb is an excellent example of a very simple, yet highly effective guerrilla marketing concept. The lit bulb indirectly portrays the notion that people who read the Economist have their light bulb turned on, but they did it in a way that did not require any words other than The Economist.

NYC Taxi - Raise Your Hand - FogPusher

Creating a new perspective for everyday objects is one thing but this bus stop ad for NYC Taxi goes to show how creating a new meaning to an every day gesture such as raising a hand can also be effective. This is another great example of a very clever, cost effective guerrilla marketing idea.

‘Mapvertisements’ and Wide Area Ground Displays

This is where the expense and resource availability may start to become a hurdle for many guerrillas looking to create new ideas for their businesses or their client’s.  Creating advertisements which can only be seen from airplanes are cool to look at pictures of and possible for the rare occasion you catch a glimpse of one from an airplane or on Google earth, but other than that, I assume there is not a significant amount of visibility compared to the other forms of guerrilla marketing mentioned.  Not to say that you shouldn’t pursue this type of advertising, but I can only imagine that they are actually viewed by significantly less people and require a fairly significant marketing budget.

On the other hand, the  Frontline display shown below, which makes people seem to be the fleas on the dog, is purely genius.

CocaCola Ad Only Seen From Air

This coca cola ad was carved into the side of this dirt hill and will likely be seen by far less people than many of the other ads discussed so far. This does not mean this type of advertising is ineffective for Coca-Cola, however. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to keep the brand on your audience’s mind and by doing indiscreet things like this they are actually doing this very effectively, but almost in a more subliminal manner which the intended audience will likely not consciously even think about.

Frontline Arial Mall Advertisement - Guerilla Marketing - FogPusher

Frontline did an excellent job in implementing this highly effective creative marketing tactic in what appears to be a shopping mall. Creating the appearance that humans are fleas is a funny and also effective strategy which has been properly executed here.

Papa Johns Arial Advertisement Crop Circle

Papa John’s went all-out with this mapvertisement display which can only be seen from an airplane or satellite. It is pretty awesome to think about the planning which this type of project involved however, it must also be difficult to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement. I honestly think somebody just did it for fun however, I am sharing it so it is definitely serving its purpose.

KFC Google Maps - FogPusher Guerilla Marketing

The mapvertisement above, from KFC and shown on a Google Earth image, is another example of a method which a food company has used to reach out to the public. Again, I don’t know that these are the most effective ideas for making the best use of a creative marketing budget however, when you have the resources that Coca-Cola, Papa John’s and KFC have – you might as well!

SwissAir Crop Circle Ad

Food services are somewhat questionable in terms of their potential to benefit from mapvertisements however, airlines are a different store. In the mapvertisement image shown above a SwissAir advertisement is available in plain sight. I can see this being tremendously effective if it were placed in an area with high air traffic (such as close to an international airport). I can imagine that keeping up with this mapvertisement is a full time job but I am sure they know what they are doing or possibly this was just a temporary setup for photographs.

When in Doubt, Prank Somebody and Make a Commercial Out of It

Not everybody will have the resources to create a retractable floor or a faux news station to broadcast in the airport but these ideas are still valid for entertainment’s sake, if nothing else. In diving into the hilarious world of practical joke guerrilla marketing campaigns, you will notice a non-US trend involved, especially in the more effective campaigns such as the examples shown below.   One can assume this is likely because of the tendency for everybody in the US to feel the need to immediately file lawsuits because of the permanent emotional distress which was violently inflicted upon them as a result of the practical jokes involved.  Then again, I’m sure the examples shown below are easier to watch than they would be as the target.

North Face Korea – ‘Never Stop Exploring’ Campaign

In this guerilla marketing campaign, a retractable floor was built into the new North Face building and set up to retract into the walls as customers were shopping.  The results are hilarious and the budget was obviously not much of an issue for this.  Then again, it does help when you just happen to be building a rock climbing facility inside of your newly constructed building.

Nivea Airport Prank – Stress Test Commercial

For the new Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant brand, the company went through some pretty amazing hoops to take over the airport news broadcast and to produce fake newspaper articles in an effort to stress out the victims of  the prank.

LG TV 84 – Asteroid Prank

This one is pretty awesome and definitely clarifies the concept of why these companies go through the great lengths that they do in executing these guerilla marketing tactics on non-US soil.  “LOL.”

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration to create guerrilla marketing tactics which can be used to grow your own business, or at least gave you some laughter.   If you are looking for marketing ideas for your own business be sure to contact me, request a free digital marketing report and/or learn more about me.  The digital marketing report provides me with the opportunity to evaluate your business and situation, allowing me to create and ultimately propose solutions to maximize your business exposure, streamline your workflow and/or simplify your life.  Whether you are looking for a web designer, digital marketing solutions specialist or email marketing services, I can help create powerful campaigns to grow your business and online visibility.


Vapor / eCig Industry:  Converting High Performance Mod Window Shoppers

Vapor / eCig Industry: Converting High Performance Mod Window Shoppers

Everybody wants to get the best deal.

In recent weeks I have had several discussions with my clients who own ecig retail and wholesale businesses regarding a particular challenge. Their vapor customers have begun to use their establishments as a ‘window shopping’ resource where they identify the devices they would like to have, then ultimately end up purchasing from somewhere else (usually online).  Their high performance mod sales are down and uncertainty has begun to set in. Fortunately there are specific things which can be done to address this issue which can be effective for retailers as well as wholesalers.

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with many vapor industry business owners across the country, some of which have created tremendously successful businesses and others which have struggled to keep their doors open.  As the business development manager for a vapor hardware distribution company, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the owners of these businesses on a daily basis.  In that role I began to notice some commonalities among the most successful of the bunch and now that I work with many of these same companies in a somewhat different capacity, the traits which the most successful owners have in common have begun to stand out.

One of these traits which relates particularly to declining high performance mod / hardware sales, is having the ability to identify market trends and adapt accordingly.  In fact, I have found the most successful tend to be the ones who identify market trends which most vapor industry business owners would see as negative and are able to reframe these ideas in ways which are beneficial to their business.   In recent weeks I have had several discussions with my vapor industry clients regarding decreases in high performance mod sales and felt this would be a good opportunity to offer some suggestions to those having the same experience. Before I get into that, it is important to consider the bigger picture of what is actually taking place.

High Performance Device Trends

I departed from the vapor hardware distribution business to develop FogPusher nearly one year ago.  At that time the 70w iSticks were just coming to market and that was the most powerful device of its size available at that time.  The industry has obviously been moving towards smaller, more powerful devices however, I’m not certain that even five years ago anybody could have predicted that 200w devices of that same size or that single 18650 devices which output over 100 watts would be available now.  Improvements in battery and circuit technology have enabled the development of some of these tiny, powerful devices which are available today yet would have been considered hocus pocus only a few years ago. Since the technology required to develop these devices is still fairly new and the manufacturers who have access to it are still somewhat limited, the devices cost more.  They are more expensive to manufacture.

Why is this important?  Because every vapor customer, whether they are a seasoned vaping professionals or just getting started, want the best value they can afford when purchasing a new mod and the most valuable devices are expensive. Your customers, whether retailers or end-users, know there are online resources where they can find these products for less than what you can sell them for and likely close to what you can buy them for. In making a strictly dollar-for-dollar comparison it is impossible for you to compete.  So is it time to pack up shop and find a new business?  Not for most.  Regardless of whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, you are not going to be the cheapest in the entire world.  You CAN however, identify means of providing value in ways which justify your customer’s decision to purchase from you.

Additionally, consider what has happened in the computer business over the past 50 years.  Computers which used to take up entire rooms have now been far surpassed in power, memory and everything else, by mobile phones and these devices cost a very small fraction of what they previously did.  In

The Vapor Industry is Changing and You Must Adapt: Survival of the Fittest

For many of my clients in the vapor industry, mod sales seem to have taken a sudden dip – more so in recent months than ever before.   Some of them own vape shops, wholesale operations and others have tobacco, cigar shops and even convenience stores which also carry hardware. Luckily, there are things you can do about the situation. First it is important to realize – and get very clear about – the fact that the industry is changing and now may be the right time to reconsider your business model and overall strategy, particularly in regard to high end mod sales.

Anatolian Mods SP DNA40 - FogPusher

Converting High Performance Mod Window Shoppers

Identify and clarify your value proposition.

What value can you offer to the customer that online vendors are unable to offer or that will be more convenient for the customer?  Make sure this is clear when customers come in to look at higher end mods.

Do you offer in-store exchanges?  Returns?  Additional services outside of strictly selling them the hardware product?  Assume that the customer is going to look up online prices immediately after leaving your store.  If they are genuinely interested and do not buy it then, you can pretty much guarantee that they will anyway. Can you blame them though?  If a retail customer is shopping a $100+ device and they can save $50 buying online and cannot justify the additional expense with anything they are aware you are offering, it probably doesn’t make sense for them NOT to take the time to find the better deal.  Make sure your added-value is very clear when customers are shopping.

For wholesalers, the idea is basically the same.   Shortly after I started working in the vapor hardware wholesale business I realized that my literal objective was to increase revenue but the most effective way to do that was to help my retail business customers grow their business.   This was one of the strategies which I learned as a sales manager in the high end building material manufacturing industry which translated very nicely into the vapor industry.  Once I made it a point to go out of my way to help my customers grow their business, the entire game changed.   If you are in the vapor wholesale business, pay attention to the strategies your most successful customers are using and use your observation to help the retailers who need it.  Your product might be hardware or juice but your real value is found in the resources you have available to you which you can use to help your customers grow their businesses.

If the situation is severe, make your profit on eLiquid instead.

This one might suck to think about but if your higher end mod sales have suddenly taken a 50% or more plunge, it may be time to start thinking about including eliquid with a full price purchase of your higher end mods.  Make the same amount of profit but include something additional with the purchase.

Let’s say, if you are a retailer and have purchased devices which cost $65 each with shipping and you have them for sale for $110.   $55 profit per device.  You sell 30ml eLiquid bottles with a $15 profit per bottle.   Maybe include 3-4 30ml bottles with the full price purchase.   You’re likely saying to yourself, “I would rather not give away my mods at cost” and I certainly concur.  However, if you are one of the businesses which is seeing their customers window shop then buy online, what is the alternative?

If your retail business has seen a tremendous drop in mod sales and you do not make a change to adapt to your customer’s online buying habits, you are going to get stuck with soon to be outdated devices and may not even get the eLiquid sale.   This way you get   both sales, make some profit and retain a customer who will likely recommend your business and keep coming back.

If you are in this situation and feel this might be the right solution for you, try it for a day and see what happens. Better yet, try it with a single customer.  The great thing about all of this is that none of it has to be set in stone.  See how it works and go from there.  Chances are, as technology continues to improve and devices become more readily available manufacturer-direct, you will soon make the majority of your profit on eliquid sales anyway, if you are not already.  It may be time to start preparing.

Find ways to get rid of any high performance mods which are even slightly outdated, ideally in ways that will help you sell more eliquid.

This is particularly important but if you have been fortunate enough to not get stuck with outdated devices then this article is likely not of much use to you anyway.  Most retailers and wholesalers seem to have an inventory of mechanical mods they wish they could give away to make more room.   If you have an abundance of devices which were big in 2014, it may be time to start looking at ways to use them to bring more traffic to your shop via social media contests, giveaways, etc…

I have seen the consequences of having an enormous inventory of outdated product in stock and it gave me a new perspective on ‘breaking even’ or taking a slight loss on these products (If you still have an abundance of Kanger Protank II’s and III’s or first generation mechanical mods in stock, you likely know exactly what I mean).   There IS something worse than breaking even or taking a slight loss and it’s called never being able to sell your inventory, even if you started donating it.

If you can find ways to stimulate traffic or sell more juice using your outdated inventory, do it while you still can.  If you don’t you may find yourself calling Salvation Army to inquire on vape hardware donation tax write-offs.  I have actually never personally tried this but if you have, let me know how that worked out.  I have literally researched everything from scrapping the materials used to make outdated products to offering them to customers for free.  There are some things in this world which people do not want even if you give it to them for free.  I advise against letting outdated inventory reach that point if you can avoid it.

Set up a game plan to check and re-check your eliquid and hardware suppliers.  Make sure you are selling product that people want or even better, product they don’t know they want yet.

It might seem like a no brainer but you might also be surprised.   The industry is full of innovation these days and whether you manufacture your own eliquid or resell other brands, you want to make sure you are going about it in the most effective manner possible, while providing your customers with the best value for their money.

Vapers are typically technologically inclined individuals and many of them spend their free time on forums or blogs discussing the latest in eliquid and mod technology.  You definitely want to make sure you are offering the latest and greatest (within reasonable limits).  It can be expensive and difficult to keep up with the latest mods but as long as you have a few really awesome products to choose from, this may not even be as important as the juice is.  Make sure your juice is on point.


This article is not intended to present a doom and gloom situation but rather to offer means of going about solving issues which several of my customers seem to be experiencing.  I have worked in the vapor industry for the last few years and many of my SEO / online marketing / web design clients consist of vape shop and wholesale owners.   Since I work with businesses in the vapor industry from across the country, I also have many valuable contacts which may be of value to your business as well.

To learn more about what I can do for your business, please request a free digital marketing report or contact me and I am more than happy to talk with you about specific things we can do to increase traffic to your business and/or help it run more efficiently.


5 Tips for Cannabis Dispensary Success in 2019 and Beyond

5 Tips for Cannabis Dispensary Success in 2019 and Beyond

With 2019 upon us, most of the states in the US have legalized the use of cannabis, at least for medical purposes.  The success of your cannabis dispensary relies on consistently making the best choices regarding the investment of your time and money.  

But what is most important and where is the marketing budget most wisely used in 2019?

I personally make it a point to keep myself on the forefront of the dispensary marketing strategies as dispensary owners make up a significant portion of my client base. Follow these tips to get the most out of your time and money in the upcoming year.

Of course, in an ideal world, these things would have already been planned out a few months ago however, it is easy to let things get too ‘busy’ to take the time to implement marketing strategies.  This list consists of several precise suggestions for making the most of your cannabis dispensary marketing efforts. 

dispensary marketing strategies cannabis

1. Build Customer Lists and Take Advantage of Email Marketing & Rewards Programs

If you are not already collecting the names and email addresses of your customers, you should start today.  The easiest way to increase your business is by getting more business out of your existing customers.  There is a good chance that most of the people who come into your shop will not mind giving you their contact information in exchange for customer appreciation specials, special events, etc…

According to a study conducted by Outbound Engine, an outbound email marketing company, there are several shocking facts about human email behavior and email marketing specifically.  Here are a few examples:

  • Email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company)
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (ExactTarget)
  • 95% of those who opt into email messages from brands find these messages somewhat or very useful. (Salesforce)
  • If an email does not display correctly, 71.2% will delete it immediately. (BlueHornet)

5-tips-for-brick-mortar-marketing-success-20162. Simplify your customer purchases with cashless ATM machines.

Today’s cannabis consumers are after quality and convenience.  Making them take an extra stop to an ATM machine to withdraw cash, or using a pre-paid card may not be the most advantageous ways to go, if you prioritize the convenience of your customers.

Cashless ATM machines for medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming increasingly popular every day, and are a cost-effective way to improve your customer service, reduce cash on hand, and to simplify your life and the lives of your customers.

3. When it Comes to Online Presence, Image and Accessibility are Everything

Your website should be the hardest working, around-the-clock sales representative you have ever had.  

On the other hand, failure to use the internet as the powerful resource that it is can be detrimental to your weed business because you have much less exposure than your competitors who have likely figured this out.  That said, a professional branding and overall image is essential to the ongoing success of your dispensary.

Having a responsive website in place is one component of that, as it is important for both your users and for Google.

Since the image is such an important aspect determining the effectiveness of your online web presence, it may be time to consider re-designing your dispensary logo (or getting one professionally designed period).  I recommend Fiverr for logo design as they will enable you to have many designers compete for your business, allowing you to choose the one which fits your business best.  Best of all, the logo competitions are basically the same as what you would pay to have a single logo designed.

3. Active Social Media Participation

In 2019, simply having a dispensary Facebook page in place will not be nearly enough.  You should be consistently engaging with your potential patients and customers.

There are some programs which can make this easier on you.  HootSuite is one of the social media management programs in which you can schedule posts ahead of time, post simultaneously to various social media sites, measure audience participation and be more involved across more social media outlets without having to invest more time.  

4. Content Marketing is the Key

Content marketing is putting out information which is designed to increase your client base and engage your customers in interacting with your social media pages and keeping your existing client base.  This type of marketing requires a little more thought than some of the other 2016 brick & mortar marketing tips but it is an important one which must be considered.

Here are some examples for how to go about your 2016 brick & mortar content marketing campaigns:

  • Create and distribute content which you can use for your website to enhance existing pages.  It’s always great to kill 2 birds with 1 stone when it comes to writing content.
  • Create a series of valuable YouTube videos which teach your existing or potential patients/customers how to do something that they likely enjoy doing or have to do.
  • Create and distribute content which will attract potential clients.  Think as if you were a client and the information which you would find most useful.

5. Focus on Customer Experience, Online, and Offline

Regardless of whether or not Amazon starts selling cannabis, there is still going to be a time and place for your brick & mortar dispensary establishment.  

You are capable of providing a different type of experience than Amazon is. 

This advantage is providing an enjoyable customer experience.  There are many ways of going about this but here are a few examples:

  • Replacing or re-motivating employees who are less than pleasant towards customers.  Zack may be your buddy but if he can’t smile and treat the cannabis customers right then you are likely to be losing business as a result.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices and for speed.   Search engines like it and so do your clients.
  • Create customer appreciation specials which provide fun experiences for your customers to come in.  Consider having a local art show or displaying local art on an ongoing basis.
  • Allow customers who come in the door to have the best experience possible, whatever it might take to make that possible.  If you sell clothes let them try them on with assistance of a worker.  If you provide a service, make candy available to your clients.
  • Make your clients smile.  It will make them want to come back.


When creating dispensary marketing strategies, the above steps will put you ahead of your competitors and provide your clients with a customer experience which makes them keep coming back and telling their friends about you.

Also, remember any time you try something new, put a system in place for tracking and measuring results so you may evaluate the overall impact and measure / optimize results.

Five Business Resolutions for 2016

Five Business Resolutions for 2016

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”   – W. Somerset Maugham

Business resolutions are important.  They keep us in alignment with our goals and serve as a reference point when we lose sight or become distracted.  January is a logical time to review your business resolutions but in reality they should be an ongoing effort, revised as life and situations change.  

There is some preparation however, which must take place before an effective 2016 business resolution game plan can be created.  You will first want to make sure you are very clear about your “Why” in life and business.  If you are unclear about why it is that you do what you do, then not only will creating resolutions be difficult but they will also be very difficult to stick with.

Once you have your WHY in place, here are five 2016 business resolutions which will assist in creating a more fulfilling life and business.

  1. Simplify.  Your life, home, business and relationships. Remove the clutter and the unnecessary complexity from all areas of your personal and business life.  Maybe even start a Feng Shui practice.  If you’re looing to generate mortgage leads, you must simplify your life in order to handle the additional workflow you will receive from our mortgage lead generation system.
  2. Start building a network of people you can trust.  There are a variety of professional organizations in every city around the US.  You can even start one if you feel so inclined. I have not found a very comprehensive nationwide resource but a google search for YOUR CITY + ‘Professional Networking Organizations’ or ‘Professional Alliances’ should turn up something of interest and worth your time. 
  3. Plan ahead.  The most important aspect of generating more traffic to your business in 2016 is creating an official business plan. Research has shown that in general, business owners have a far greater chance of succeeding when they have written business plans in place.  Even if you already have one, now is a great time to review it and update accordingly.  Business plans can also help if you are looking to expand your business with a loan or grant.  Most of these programs will require a complete business plan before they will even talk with you about the subject. The SBA provides a wealth of knowledge on the subject and can even put you in touch with a local counselor who can help you through the process.  
  4. Get a head start on your competition. Having a leg up on the competition can make the difference for a business owner succeeding or failing.  In taking the time to research your competitive landscape (online and offline), you will be able to better comprehend the nature of your market and your key competitors.   I provide a free digital marketing report which breaks down the specifics of your business’ current digital marketing efforts, analyzes your local competition and provides a step by step solution which can be taken to generate more traffic based upon the findings in the research I put together in making the report.  
  5.  Implement a well-balanced lifestyle.  As a business owner myself, I know this one can be difficult to stay on top of when many times there are so many things going on.  Balancing the work, creative social, health and spiritual aspects of your life will make you not only a more enjoyable person but it will also help you think clearly and able to solve life’s challenges with a more well rounded perspective.  Proper implementation of this will require you to be on top of #3 (planning ahead).

There are many more 2016 business resolutions but these are some of my personal resolutions for the upcoming year.  The list may seem a little overwhelming but its all within reach.  Making these things a priority will definitely give you a head start in having a successful, fulfilling, prosperous new year!

Looking to Generate More Foot Traffic? Here Are 7 Easy Steps You Can Start Today.

Looking to Generate More Foot Traffic? Here Are 7 Easy Steps You Can Start Today.

Business slows down from time to time. It happens. Whether your business has slowed down or you are simply looking for ways to increase foot traffic to your business, there are things you can do about it which are easy on the pocket book.

Not only will these things give your old customers a reason to start coming back but they will also give your new customers a reason to start coming in today.

When planned and executed properly, the following steps will generate enormous amounts of ongoing foot traffic and in turn create a loyal client base.

Whether you’re looking to get more patients for your cannabis dispensary or you own a bowling alley, this article contains specific things you can do, which are cost effective and easy on the pocketbook.

Increasing foot traffic is all about having exposure.

When you have proper exposure, customers find you.

When you have a good product or service at the right price, are accommodating to the customers needs and people like you – repeat customers are born.

People also like things that are fresh and new.

Game Plan to Increase Foot Traffic

If you could use a major business overhaul, one idea is to set up a Grand Re-Opening. It doesn’t matter if you have new things to offer. What matters is that it is going to be something new and different.

Here are the 7 steps  (or possibly just ideas) you can take to make your Grand Re-Opening a huge success. (Even if you do not follow through with the entire re-opening or do not feel its necessary, you will surely find aspects of this which can still generate traffic for your business in a short period of time.)

Find local artists to display their artwork for sale in your store for a small percentage of the sales.  Find the artists, collect the artwork, but don’t display it until the day of the grand re-opening.

Artists will tell their friends about it and it and it will give you a fresh new image while showing the community that you support local artists.

For resources, you may check websites such as,, Etsy or if you just so happen to be here in Oklahoma City you can take a stroll around the Paseo Arts District and quickly find plenty of artists who would love the opportunity to get the exposure.

Those of you from elsewhere will surely be able to find a similar area with a quick Google Search.


Find a local band or DJ (if you have room for it) to come play music for a couple hours. You will be able to find somebody to do it for the exposure.  There are several great resources for this including ReverbNation.

Do a little re-arranging and de-cluttering. Put the items you have been sitting on for a while and need to get rid of next to the brand new (or cool to look at things).

Get rid of your overstock.

If you sell vapor hardware, there is a good chance you have outdated items. Mark it down, do whatever it takes to get rid of it.  If it’s outdated it’s not doing any good on your shelf.

Start collecting names and email addresses for the event.  Tell people when they come in that you don’t know what day it’s going to be yet but ask them if they wouldn’t mind an invite. If you have an tablet, there are free programs you can use to do this.

If not, use normal pen and paper.  You will ideally want to make this a practice in general, as keeping a list of the people who are interested in your business is the best way to reach out to potential customers.  I recommend doing client appreciation events from time to time.

Find a new restaurant that might be willing to provide some appetizers in exchange for the marketing exposure.  It helps if they are close-by so they can tell their customers about it too.

Displaying artwork from local artists is a great way to generate traffic from word of mouth.

Displaying artwork from local artists is a great way to generate traffic from word of mouth.

Email the names you collected once you have a set date.  Post about it on your social media. Make graphic images for it (I can help if needed). Post it on your website (if you have one). List the event on free local event websites such as: Eventbrite, Picatic, and use Google to find others. Remember, its all about exposure.  If you are excited about it, everybody else is going to follow suit.

Put out signs and balloons on major intersections the day of your Grand Re-Opening, with arrows pointing towards your shop.

This is one of the systems I learned in the custom home construction business which has translated well in helping my customers grow their vapor, smoke, cigar and tobacco businesses.

How Else Can You Help Me Generate More Foot Traffic?

I specialize in web design and marketing for all local businesses from custom home builders to nightclubs however, I originally started in freelance work with vape shop, smoke shop and cigar / tobacco shop owners.

This project came about as a result of helping a client in Florida grow his business by over 300%. He has urged me for the past year to make my web design and marketing services more readily available to the public and now they are, on a full time basis.

I am offering a free digital marketing report to create a plan of action to help you increase your traffic using the same method which worked so well for him.

The same method helped me grow a vapor hardware distribution company from having literally zero (0) sales to being one of the largest in the US, over a 16 month time frame.

Please feel free to contact me or request a free digital marketing report to learn more about how I can help your business generate more foot traffic.

Mitch Smith Modern Web Design & Marketing Solutions

(405) 463-9058


Should my website have an online store? – Retailers and Service Providers

Should my website have an online store? – Retailers and Service Providers

Recently I had a discussion with one of my friends who owns a high end hair salon here in Oklahoma City.  We were discussing high-end hair products and the types of people who spend more money to purchase them through their salon stylist.  He told me that in the hair product market, you generally have three types of buyers. The first is the kind who listens to the recommendation of their hair stylist and makes the purchase from them because

The first is the kind who listens to the recommendation of their hair stylist and makes the purchase from them because its convenient, although they know the purchase could be made less expensively online or elsewhere. 

The second type will hear their stylist’s recommendation, try the product, then go home and order it online.  And the last kind

And the last kind is the grocery store buyer, who no matter what their hair stylist recommends, will end up purchasing something which works just as well from the grocery store.


Opternative is one of the emerging online competitors in the eye care industry.

Opternative is one of the emerging online competitors in the eye care industry.

This discussion shed a light on an interesting perspective. 

One of the topics which is eventually discussed with all of my retail shop web design clients is about the idea of having an e-commerce setup so their customers can order products online. 

In many cases, retail store owners will come to me and they already know its something they want, and rightfully so.  Online competition is thick, not only for retailers but also for service providers such as

In many cases, retail store owners will come to me and they already know its something they want, and rightfully so.  Online competition is thick, not only for retailers but also for service providers such as eye doctors, lawyers and general physicians – all of which now have online competitors which are more convenient and likely less expensive than their own services.

Today customers are interested in the convenience of ordering products and services online but there is still the concept of a customer’s buying experience. 

Online product and service providers will always be able to win on price but they are going to have a difficult time creating a buying experience which competes with that of a customer’s local alternative. 

Sure, the idea of reaching out to online shoppers and people outside of your immediate geographical area is appealing, but is it necessary or even beneficial?

OnlineShoeShoppingLets say for instance, that I am interested in buying a certain pair of shoes and I know specifically what I want.  I use  Google to find a shoe shop and it turns out the local shoe shop not only has the shoe in stock, but they also have the pricing available and the ability for me to make the purchase right there.   Since I’m already online, why don’t I check to see what they cost elsewhere?  I get back on Google and immediately find the shoes for nearly half of what they cost at the local store with free

Since I’m already online, why don’t I check to see what they cost elsewhere?  I get back on Google and immediately find the shoes for nearly half of what they cost at the local store with free

I get back on Google and immediately find the shoes for nearly half of what they cost at the local store with free 2nd day shipping – plus I don’t even have to go anywhere.  My original game plan was to go to my local shop and pick up the shoes but having the ability for me to purchase the shoes online turned me into an online shopper.

My original game plan was to go to my local shop and pick up the shoes but having the ability for me to purchase the shoes online turned me into an online shopper.

I conducted research on the topic for a recent client of mine who owns a vapor shop and my take on the subject has officially become much clearer and seemingly unique in some regards.  

I was researching competitors in their local market to see how many had products available online and to my surprise, almost every single one of them did.

I spot checked a few of their prices vs basic copy and paste Google searches and their prices were nowhere near as low as their online competitors. 

I am actually convinced that having the prices available on their

I was researching competitors in their local market to see how many had products available online and to my surprise, almost every single one of them did. I spot checked a few of their prices vs basic copy and paste Google searches and their prices were nowhere near as low as their online competitors.  I am actually convinced that having the prices available on their

I am actually convinced that having the prices available on their websites, to begin with, is doing them more harm than good.

This is likely happening much more often than people with online retail stores would like to find out about.

So, should my retail shop have an online store? 

Probably not, unless you have better or just as low of pricing as the lowest online retailers, a unique product or service which you created or a protected territory consisting of the entire United States to sell in. 

Otherwise, I feel like you might be turning your clients into online shoppers.

Fortunately, price is not the primary motivation of everybody and the convenience of having a product shipped is in many cases less convenient than just picking something up when it is needed.  

There is still hope and actually a clear advantage to local product and service providers. 

The online giants have not taken over quite yet, and will continue to have difficulty doing so as long as localization becomes increasingly more important in search engines providing relevant search results.

I hope this helps to shed the light on the question of whether or not you should implement an online store on your retail or service provider website.  Please feel free to leave comments and share with anybody to whom you feel this information might be helpful.